Basics of Getting Website Traffic

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Step 1 - I recommend not to put ads to your site because most people don't like ads. This makes money, but it will not bring traffic.

Step 2 - Make sure your site looks refreshing, nice, cool, good desgin etc to maintain quality to your site. Put up nice pictures to bring people here.

Step 3 - Don't let your website load very slow, if it does, you might need to remove some addons or pictures. People with dial-up still visit sites. Don't upload too much stuff to your site or it will be a messy!

Step 4 - Submit Your Site To Major Site Engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing). Create a robots.txt using wordpad. This will lead bots and spiders to get the most info. Be Sure To Have A Good Site Description.
Example Of A robots.txt -
User-agent: *
Allow: /

Step 5 - Make a referral system to invite users and the member might get a prize or something. Don't bet or yell to get the visitors here, this will get your site even bad.Tongue

Step 6 - Make any small changes to your site, add cool plugins and content to your website, do not include hacks, cracker on your site. Make it cool and wonderful.

Step 7 - Invite Members To Go To This Site - Post into a good forums or area. If you want forum hosting I would use MyBB

Step 8 - Add a games section to get the visitors to enjoy this website, putting fighting games will not be good. Put up the cool games but don't be too weird.

Step 9 - If you are making a support forum, I will add some special stuff to it.

Step 10 - You are almost ready - Small Touches, Add a chat area for people to have fun and no bad words. Also choose good templetes for your site, black would be okay.

Step 11 - You are ready to go! You got a complete good website.

This is written by me, not copied.

Hope this helps you all.

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