Beading Wire Gauge Size

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Gauge is the word used for the thickness of wire. 

 When purchasing beading/craft wires it helps if you know the gauge (size/thickness) of the wire required.  The lower the no. of gauge size the thicker the wire eg. 20gauge wire is thicker than 22gauge wire.

Gauge to inches to millimetres Conversion:

Gauge         inches     millimetres

18 gauge = .040"  =   1.024mm

20 gauge = .032"  =   .812mm

22 gauge = .025"  =   .644mm            

24 gauge = .020"  =   .511mm

26 gauge = .016"  =   .405mm

28 gauge = .013"  =   .321mm

30 gauge = .010"  =   .255mm

32 gauge = .0080  =   .200mm

If you want to make your own findings it is best to use 18gauge to 24gauge as they are thick wires they will keep their form/shape.  Jewellery can also be made by knitting/crocheting beads onto wire. You will need a flexible wire for knitting/crocheting, try 26 to 32 gauge to find a thickness you like working with. 

 20 gauge wire was used to make this bracelet, while it's flexible enough to bend into shape it is thick & strong to also keep it's shape.

 Craft/beading wires are a great addition for any crafters cupboard.

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