Beginners Best Way On How to Get Up On Combo Water Skis

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How to Get Up On Two Water Skis

Here's how to get up on two water skis doing a deepwater start

  1. Place the skis snugly on your feet. A good fit is important.

  2. With the rope handle in your hands, place it between your knees.

  3. Knees should be bent towards the chest.

  4. Point the skis, about shoulder length apart, towards the boat, with at least 6-12 inches of ski above the water.

  5. As the boat begins to move forward, keep your knees together, skis parallel.

  6. Arms straight out (slightly bent at the elbows), chin towards chest.

  7. Press slightly forward with both feet.

  8. Stay in a sitting position, until the boat pulls you on top of the water.

  9. Stand up when the skis are horizontal to the water. This is called "planing." Even when erect, keep your knees slightly bent to act as shock absorbers.

  10. If you try to stand too soon you will be thrown off balance and fall backwards or forwards.

  11. Do not pull on the rope towards your body, keep the arms straight.

  12. Do not point your head towards the sky to avoid getting water spray in the face. Having your sight set towards the boat is essential for keeping a balanced position.

  13. If you feel you are going off balance use your body to slightly steer in the right direction.

  14. Remain balanced, head towards the boat, and do not look down at the skis. Keep your back straight, with skis shoulder width apart.

  15. After you are up and balanced stay inside the wakes for a while to get a feel of the skis.


  1. Let the skis and the boat do the work. Don't fight it.

  2. Use hand signals to let the driver know if you want to go faster or slower.

  3. Don't forget to let go of the rope when you fall.

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