Buyers being almost a victim to scam

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Scam on ebay

Are you a victim of almost being a scam?

Well, here is my story. I have various reasons why I do not sell my merchandise to International buyers. Firstly, foremost, they could be fake. They could be getting the item withiut paying you. That was what almost happen to me. So, I took every analysis investigation and protocol on my end.

You, as a genuine ebayer who wants to showcast your second hand merchandise because the world want your products to be cheaper. Negotiate deals on how far can you go with selling? It's a complex world. Business.

In terms of my experience, I was dealing with a South African buyer  who had insisted they had paid me. Now, we all know how paypal works right? As ebay buyers, we:
  • Receive the funding
  • We always have the okay to ship funding.
This person was down right sneaky. They will say, check on your spam folder.  They will ask you to send and request than the ebay way. As a buyer, I hate that method. It is totally not guaranteed. 

How did I investigate on this matter?

I called Paypal Australia who verified is me. They say that person did not pay and likely to be a scam as there are a lot of hoaxes email. They advice that paypal company:
  • Never will highlight your name in blue in the  cash area
  • Never will have an odd email address. It will always have a GENUINE person  who serves you.
Have you guys receive a notice of payment?

Have you guys receive from an email like "tracking  ||  code1 ||  india  ||  com?"

Did you do a google search of the paypal address?

These are valuable pointers you should take on as your own  investigation. It is very important because you don't want to find yourself in a situation, saying, holy shit, the buyer scam me and there goes the money down the drain.

My recommendation, use the phising report paypal email. You should always contact paypal because there are a few not genuine buyers around. I am writing this guide because I want you to be aware. I want to share my experience because I don't want you to feel stupid that you almost got being a victim by the sneaky scammers.

Despite the buyer persistant to say, I had already paid, why are their funds not showing? We always know paypal includes plus funding to you. I want you to be wary of the following countries to buyers buying your product:
  • South Africa, USA
Another recommendation read their reviews. No reviews, just run a few test. But, I will still uplift your gear.

Paypal never:
  • Will highlight your name
  • Never highlight your cash payment
  • Never ask you as a buyer to ship out until payment is paid
  • Ignore completely if the buyer say: your funding will be credited to your account immediately. You will provide a tracking code and see the funds after. 
       - That is a huge no. Paypal will never asked you of that and if you see this in your spam folder. Don't shift it to your inbox because the scammer won't stop bugging you until they get what they want.

Be smart. Sell smart. Be right. Verify to paypal community, email, CALL. They take your security extreme secure.
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