Buying Android SmartPhones on the web

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Buying Android SmartPhones

Smartphones have revolutionised the way we live today. These days almost everything we can do on a computer can be done by them.  This is why smartphones are becoming /have become the must have item everybody wants/has. Android smartphones have quickly become the most well known and most wanted type of smartphone. These days powerful android smart phones are quite cheap to buy, however just because you see large screen smartphone with a power full processor does not mean you are getting a great deal.
Here are some pointers when choosing a smartphone:
If you search on ebay for smartphones the most common ones you will find are ones with powerful processors and big screen (for example. Quad core 5inch screen) but these 2 features should not be the only things that grab your attention, There are some limitations when buying cheaper, less known brand smart phones:
Is Quad-core worth it?
Firstly you need to consider is whether the quad-core is actually better than a dual-core. Varies tests have concluded that a quality dual-core is better than a lower-quality quad-core as a single processor. Each core of a 1.2 Ghz has been shown to be able to perform better than a 1.2 GHz core of a quad-core that is because a dual core. Some online sites even claim that a 1.2 GHz quality dual-core’s core is up to 60% faster than a 1.2 GHz quad-core’s core. On mobiles most long processes are done by one core only so it is better to have a faster core but less cores. Also rarely do apps actually use 4 cores, that is why companies such as Apple actually prefer dual-core with a better single-core rather than 4 cores or 8 cores (octa-core) with slower cores. I personally have not seen a huge impact between having 2 or 4 cores.
Another huge problem is the amount of RAM offered on these low-cost phones. Many only include 512 Mb or less of RAM. If you are unfamiliar with what exactly RAM is, all that you need to know is that Ram is more important than processor speed when it comes to applications. There is no point in having a very powerful processor if it can only perform a few tasks at the same time. I personally would not recommend a phone that has less than 2GB of RAM, 1GB if you really have to!
Rom is the memory on the phone, this data is used to store system files (required to run the phone), as-well as the data you want to install, store (apps and music files, eg..). A lot of these phone companies only offer 4gb of total storage. If you minus the system files there will only be less than 2GB of actual storage. Now you can increase the storage with SD-cards but trust me on-board store is much better than SD-card storage (many apps can only install on the phone memory). I personally would not recommend anything below 8GB, with minimum 16GB being my recommendation.
Another thing to consider is that most of the phones offered are only capable of 3G connectivity. These days everyone wants faster data and 3G is quickly becoming obsolete.  Although 3G is still used, I can assure you that in a few years it will look like a floppy drive compared to CD. I would only purchase a 3G phone if you intend to replace it in a few years.
Another overlooked item is the type and size of the battery; many cheap phones have a very bad battery as compared to more well-known phones.  Several phones only have standby times (length of phone’s battery when phone is turned on but not used) of 50-100 hours and talk times (how long can the phone’s battery last when calling) of 2-2.5hours. to put this in comparison the apple iPhone 4s has a calling time of 8(3G) hours and the Samsung Galaxy s4 has a talk time of 17hours (3G). As you can see the battery on the cheap phone will probably die half way through your day.
Of course you can always bring a charger and charge it but personally I would much rather have a proper battery in the phone. I’d say that I would rather compromise speed and have a good battery than Vice-Versa.
While a large 5inch screen might look appealing you should note the actual pixel density of the screen and the resolution.  Put simply the more pixel density=more pixels =better screen. The same goes with resolution. There is no point in having a massive screen if the pixels look stretched with low resolution. A large screen with low pixel density/resolution will make everything on the screen look artificially stretched. This will obviously make the screen seem cheap.
Audio, loudspeaker quality:
Last one but certainly not least is the volume quality. A lot of these phones can only reach certain decibel levels. This might cause huge issues when talking in busy places as you will not be able to hear the other person speak. So make sure the decibel levels are high for you to hear. A lot of companies do not list this so asking via a message might be beneficial. Alternatively you can just talk via headphones.
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