Buying Pottery

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There are several things to be aware of buying ceramics and pottery.

1. Try and find sellers who have a good record, good conditon reports, and effective photographic skills.
2. When successful ask that the objects are securely packed for posting, and that the object/s are generously packed, meaning don't skimp on postage.
Breakage are avoidable if care is excercised.
3. Packing is an interesting issue with ceramics
- I suggest you wrap the object/s in strong bubblewrap,
- do not use too much tape on this layer - so it is easier to remove object when unpacking
- then place this inside a cardboard 'skin'. The skin can be a sheet of  firm card - or board, it is useful as this will protect the item from sharp blows shattering or fracturing it.
- then place this bon-bon in a well padded box.
The padding options can be polystyrene chips, shredded paper, more bubblewrap or crumpled newspaper.
- Then arrange this in a sturdy bardboard box. Remember that the bottom & the top and the 4 sides need to be protected!
* If the cardbox box is light, meaning it can be depressed when pinched between your fingers - it is not sturdy.
* When using tapes to secure the box, make sure that all the edges have tape along them, and that the joins along the top and bottom of the box are securely anchored with the tape.
NOTE: This procedure does take a little more effort, but it once you get into it, the next package is easier and add a modest packing fee to make it happen!
it is easy to unpack. I usually us a stanley blade - it is normally a thrill
Monograph-Press Australia
good luck


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