Buying and replacing the lamp in your projector or TV

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You can buy and replace the lamp yourself and save hundreds!


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Projector lamps usually last around 2000-3000 hours and rear projections television lamps average around 6000-8000 hours.

Here are a few tips

Use only genuine manufactures replacement lamps. The replacement lamp should match the original lamp part number. The original part number should be specified in the user manual.
Cheap imported grey market lamps may not be manufactured to the same standards and specifications as the original causing malfunction, poor lamp life and costly damage.


When replacing the lamp
-Firstly allow the unit to cool down
-Never touch the lamp with your bare hands, oil from you skin can damage the lamp, use a clean cotton cloth for handing
-Be carefully not to over tighten the screws
-Reset lamp hours timer

To prolong lamp life you should
-Regularly clean the air filter. 
-Operate the unit a well ventilated dust free environment.
-Use economy lamp mode.
-Use high fan setting.

Important! Always use the remote to turn off the projector. Allow the units fans to cool the lamp down before unplugging it at the wall.

The temperature of an operating lamp is many 1,000’s of degrees. If you disconnect the power to the projector prior to the above process, the glass in the lamp will cool unevenly and result in stress fractures, causing an early life lamp failure. Lamp life can be shorten by up to 60% or more simply by disconnecting the power instead of switching off the projector by remote control and allowing the cooling process to take place.

A UPS back up power supply can save damage to your lamp from unexpected power outages like a blackout or brownout.

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