Buying computing storage drives and disks

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Buying computing storage drives and disks

Great bargains are out there on E-Bay if you are shopping for devices such as MP3 players, Flash disks, and memory cards  memory sticks.

Before you begin you need to know how much these items sell for in stores. The best way to do this is to check online at electronic stores. Once you have the in store price, you can browse through categories such as MP3 Players or Flash Disks

Another way to look for particular items is to search for them. It is important to search using only RELEVANT keywords. For example when looking for a 1GB SD memory card for a camera you would use the keywords 1GB SD to search with. You would NOT use the keywords 1GB SD memory card camera, as this will look for each of these words in the search, and it is unlikely you will find a memory card which contains a camera. 

Before you make any bids, have in mind a maximum price you are willing to pay for the item. I usually set the maximum price at about 70% of the selling price of the item in stores. Once you have a selection of relevant items you are searching through, add a couple of the items which are due to end soon to your watched list (there is a link towards the top of the page showing the item where you can add the item to your watched list).

This will give you an idea of the price these items sell for. You will notice that the final selling price is much higher than the price of items which have some time till bidding ends.

You are then ready to start bidding. Before placing any bids, check prices for postage & handling, and insurance, as many sellers make insurance compulsory. These prices MUST be added to your maximum bid, ENSURING the total of these figures is less than your preferred maximum purchase price. For example, if the postage & handling is $20, the insurance is $10, and your maximum purchase price is $60, your maximum bid will be $30. Try to bid on items which are due to end soon, so if you do not win, you can then place a bid on another similar item.

Many of these items are shipped from overseas, usually Hong Kong. Even when you add the shipping and insurance costs (which can be quite costly), you are likely to make savings of up to 70% of what you would pay here in stores. Because many of these items are shipped from overseas, there is no real benefit from purchasing from an Australian seller, except that if you purchase from an Australian seller you may be able to pay into an Australian bank account using electronic funds transfer from your account.

To search for items from overseas sellers go to Advanced search and select the box to select from sellers worldwide. Doing this from the website will then give approximate conversions from overseas currency to Australian dollars when showing bidding amounts.

The one thing you will need when dealing with an overseas seller is a Paypal Account.

This is a safe method of making payment to virtually anyone overseas. They guarantee most payments made via their services, and will provide refunds in many cases if there are any problems receiving the item, or with the seller. You will need to register with them before you can use their services, and this can take a couple of days to be processed. For this reason, it is a good idea if you register before you win any bids, so the sale can proceed quickly. If however you are not registered when you win any item, you can do this at that time, but make sure you tell the seller this, so they know about the delay.

Now you are ready to go bidding - good luck, and have fun!

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