Buying secondhand Clothing

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How do you know if secondhand clothing is in good condition? And what are the standards for descriptions such as excellent, great and good? Everyone has a different perspective on what is excellent condition. It important to bear in mind that the item you are buying is not a brand new item, it is the reason you are able to purchase the item at such a drastically reduced price.

There are several questions to ask the seller, to give you a clear indication of the condition. With collared shirts, you might ask; Is there any yellowing around the inside of the collar? Are the buttons secure and the button hole unfrayed? Is there any washfade evident? Do the hems sit straight? Often with lower quality items, and after washing, hemlines twist out of direct straight shape, leaving the item unwearable regardless of its condition.

Other questions you might ask include, Is it dry clean only? Often dry clean only items can be handwashed, but the recommendation is often made as dyes are unstable, and this could result in runs when not drycleaned. With woollen items it may result in shrinkage.

Generally when a reputable seller stipulates that an item is in excellent preworn condition, it has no stains, no pilling, no marks on collars and sleeves, the hems are properly aligned and zips and buttons are intact. Remember it is excellent PREWORN condition. It is unfair to expect the seller to be sending you an item that looks like it has just left the store, very few designers are able to create products that look like they have just left the store, once they have been worn and washed.

Again if you are buying an item and unsure, ask the seller for further information. They are only to happy to oblige, after all, the customer always comes first.

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