CMOS rear view reversing camera and CMOS image sensor?

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Help, can you tell me what is a CMOS car reversing camera and a CMOS image sensor?

We sure can. But, first let us tell you about CMOS, before we move on, so that you can understand how the CMOS car rear view reversing camera functions.

CMOS (pronounced see-moss) stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor and this is a type of chip used in a circuit. These types of semiconductors contain positive and negative polarity, respectively known as PMOS and NMOS. The chip only uses one of these polarities at a time, so it uses less power than other chips, and this makes them very attractive to the manufacturers of laptops and other devices that are battery-powered. This chip when placed in a camera becomes a sensor that functions just like a CCD (charge coupled device), however, it uses less power and produces less heat. This is why it is used in high-resolution digital cameras.

The CMOS image sensor is used in a CMOS car rear-view reversing camera, and is manufactured in a ‘wafer foundry’. This foundry is a factory that produces these circuits and then etches them onto silicon chips. These factories produce millions of these chips, and this mass production reduces costs, which, in turn, makes CMOS more affordable. However, the CCD image sensor, which is used in a CCD car rear-view reversing camera, is created in foundries that use technology that is more advanced. This makes the CCD more expensive to manufacture, especially when the processing circuits for these must be on different chips, unlike the CMOS, which can have all it’s components on the same chip.
Hot Tips
1.    Buy a CMOS camera that is compatible with your monitor, ie you need to know if RCA or 4 PIN connectors are right for you
2.    If in doubt, always ask. A knowledgeable service representative should be able to answer any questions you have so that you make the right purchase the first time; Motor Formula is here to help
3.    If you are purchasing a reversing camera and looking for a more affordable solution, then a CMOS camera will be suitable; and
4.    Consider the resolution, waterproof rating and distance guidelines amongst your requirements.

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