Calculating Realistic Postage

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Got an item to sell?

Not sure about postage?

As a seller, I've actually put a few "newbies" on to this (and no, it's not something new or rocket science- I just don't think some people realise it's there!)-

  1. Go to Australi Post's website (www . austpost . com. au )
  2. Click on the "postage calculator" link (On the left hand side)
  3. Click on the relevant link (i.e. "parcels within Australia")
  4. Enter your postcode.
  5. Enter the destination postcode.
  6. Enter the weight (from the drop down box).
  7. Enter the dimensions (in centremetres)
  8. Hit the "Calculate" button and there you have it!

To date, I've found both the national and international rates 100% accurate.


Extra Costs

Now don't forget, it is acceptable under ebay's policies to inflate this cost to a reasonable one to cover other costs.

For me, I automaticall add $4.00

This covers the envelopes, boxes, bubble wrap or anythign else I may use to protect the goods. Sometimes I spend the full amount, other times not as much. It is not a breach of any ebay policy to do this- but be realistic!


Pre-paid Satchels

In relation to pre-paid satchels-Australia Post offer a 500gm and a 3kg satchel.

At the time of writing this, the 3kg satchel is $8.80 and the 500gm satchel is $5.00

Now here's what you need to weigh up- as a buyer, are you happy when items arrive in pre-paid satchels? Often they have no other form of protection, and often the item is flopping around inside the bag. For me- it annoys me and I've had goods damaged in the postal delivery process.

Due to this, I won't use the pre-paid satchels. I'd rather pay the money for a padded bag and pack the item in the exact way that I'd like to receive it.


Excess Postage/Postage Discounts

Now here's a real bug bear of mine!

Be realistic in your postage.

As an example, I recently had a buyer I was looking to buy multiple item off. Postage was listed as $10.50 each. I contacted this seller before bidding and confirmed that tehy do offer a discount if I combined multiple items. My mistake was that I didn't actually clarify what this discount rate would be.

In this instance, I won multiple items and got an invoice in excess of $33.00! A bit more background- the items were located in Melbourne and I live about 45 minutes away! It would be cheaper for me to drive down and pick them up. I made numerous attempts to persuade this seller that this was unreasonable and that cheaper options were available. The come back was that I did get a discount rate from the $10.50 per item....

Technically they're not wrong, but let's be fair and reasonable. Nothing says you have to offer discounts or combined postage, but again, put your "buyer" hat on and think about how much you'd be willing to pay.

On a side note, with the example i gave above, I actually lodged a complaint with ebay however they really are set up to protect the seller in my opinion- they explained that it was up to us to negotiate this rate before bidding and winning....


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