Can you add HTML to an eBay store?

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Can you add HTML to an eBay store?

Yes, eBay allows all its users to add HTML to their eBay stores.

The biggest advantage of being able to use html on eBay is that sellers can do all those things in the small spaces provided for descriptions on their eBay listing page or custom page, which they would otherwise need entire web pages to do. Thus, by using html, not only can you add multiple pictures to your eBay listing, but you will also have a novel way to present all your items for sale. All your pages and listings can have a customized look with html. Your listings can be made extremely attractive and different from the millions of other listings on eBay.

People who have an eBay store are provided with the standard eBay Store header by eBay. But this looks like any other store header on the site. However, with the help of html, you can create a customized store header that will go just below the standard header. Your store name as well as any logo that you may have can be put on this customized header. The use of html also enables sellers to create a specialized home page for their eBay store. All the valuable information that you want to share with potential buyers can be a part of your html home page.

In order to use html, you need to access your Manage My Store page and then select Store Design, from where you can create html links and tags. Another tool known as the HTML Builder is also available for this purpose.  

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