Choosing the Right Coffee- Understanding Different Coffees

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Buying the right coffee capsule is no different to buying the right coffee beans, it is a matter of understanding your personal preferences and choosing accordingly.


Whether you like your coffee strong or weak, earthy or sweet, as a single or double, there are plenty of options for you.


But in order to understand what coffee capsule you like you need to also understand the two major categories of coffee:




Traditionally known for its acidity and sweetness, Arabica coffee has a memorable aroma and a variety of hints in every cup.


Sourced from S.E Asia, South America & Africa, Arabica coffee is known for its accessible taste and variety of flavours.


Coffee capsules are commonly 100% Arabica or a combination of Arabica and Robusta, balancing out the two varieties and creating a brilliant blend.


Arabica’s derive their sweetness from not having the same caffeine content as Robusta coffee, which removes the bitterness associated with caffeine.




Traditionally from central Africa but predominantly grown in Vietnam and the S.E. Asia area, Robusta coffee has a strong taste, earthy undertones and often a woody flavour.


Robusta coffee is quite a bit stronger than Arabica, both in flavour and strength.


Rarely is Robusta coffee consumed by itself, it is normally blended with an Arabica to balance out the strength of the Robusta.


Robusta coffee is best highlighted through an espresso, which is why they make excellent coffee capsules.




Blends, besides being a combination of different of beans from different farms, are a combination of Arabica and Robusta Coffee, creating a taste that that can provide the best of both types.


The Lavazza ‘Crema and Aroma’ coffee capsule is one such blend, with 40% Arabica and 60% Robusta, creating a drink that hits all the right flavours and notes with every sip.


Coffee is of course more complex than just two categories and combinations, but by understanding Arabica and Robusta buying the right coffee capsule for you will be that much easier.

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