Complete Guide to Buying an Affordable C02 Inflator Kit

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Complete Guide to Buying an Affordable C02 Inflator Kit

It is inevitable that every cyclist eventually suffers a flat tyre. It is a fairly common occurrence especially on long bike rides. Even for the cyclist who sticks to the bike tracks and has never suffered a puncture, it is a good idea for the cyclist to prepare himself for this eventuality. Using a CO2 inflator kit is a hassle-free way for a cyclist to deal with a flat tyre. The kit makes it very easy for the cyclist to close a puncture, inflate the tyre, and be on his way again. An inflator kit quickly inflates the tyre so that a rider does not have to waste time pumping up the tyre by hand. When shopping for a CO2 inflator kit, a cyclist should first learn about the different parts that make up a kit as well as what to look for when shopping for an inflator kit.

Parts of the CO2 Inflator Kit

A basic CO2 inflator kit consists of two parts: the inflator and the CO2 cartridge. The cartridge holds the air while the inflator provides a way to channel the compressed air into the bicycle tyre. When shopping for a CO2 inflator kit, shoppers should consider both the inflator and the CO2 cartridge carefully.


There are two types of inflators: inflators with flow control and inflators without flow control. Those inflators without flow control are less expensive, but they have their drawbacks. With flow control, the user can stop and start the flow of air as needed. Should the cyclist install the inflator incorrectly on the tyre, he can stop, readjust, and continue. Those inflators without flow control do not have this capability. When using an inflator without flow control, the cyclist must inflate the tyre to full capacity on the first try.


Cartridges are also available in two types: threaded and non-threaded. Threaded cartridges provide a tighter seal when installed as opposed to inflator kits with non-threaded cartridges. This means that threaded cartridges are less likely to fail than non-threaded cartridges. However, threaded cartridges are more expensive than non-threaded cartridges. When purchasing cartridges separately, it is important that the shopper choose one that is compatible with his inflator, this is because the two types of cartridges are not always interchangeable with each other.

Choosing the Right Cartridge Size

Cartridges come in several capacity sizes. The most common are the 12 g,16 g, and 25 g cartridges. However, there are larger capacity cartridges available. The smaller cartridges are best for tyres with 90 psi tyre pressure, while the larger cartridges work for tyres with 120 psi tyre pressure. High pressure tyres, such as racing tyres, often require more than one cartridge.

What to Look for in CO2 Inflator Kits

All CO2 inflator kits have the same basic parts, but not all of them look and operate the same way. A shopper should focus on three factors when choosing an inflator kit: cartridge protection, size, and ease of use.

Cartridge Protection

Once activated, the cartridge reaches freezing temperatures as the compressed air exits the cartridge. No matter how warm the temperature is outside, the cartridge gets cold quickly. A rider must protect his hands from sustaining burns while holding the freezing cartridge. Many inflator kits come with a protective cover that encloses the cartridge to prevent cold contact burns.

Cartridge Size

Most CO2 inflator kits are small in size, but those with extra features are rather bulky. If the kit is too large, it may take up a lot of space in the seat pack. Additionally, the extra weight can slow the rider down when riding up hills or over long distances. For long distance riders, smaller kits are better.

Ease of Use

A rider who is stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre wants to make the repair and get back on the road as quickly as possible. Kits with simpler features are better than those with several functions and parts. A shopper should look for inflator kits with a small head that forms a tight seal on the valve, and avoid complex inflators with triggers and gauges. These features often get in the way more than they help.

Other Inflator Kit Essentials

In addition to the inflator and the cartridge, there are a few essentials that the inflator kit needs. These items are necessary for the repair of the tyre or tube so that the rider can get back on the road. The tyre reamer tool cleans a puncture in the tyre so that the user can plug and patch the puncture. A plug allows the user to screw a plug into the tyre to repair a hole without having to remove the tyre from the bike. A tyre patch covers a hole in the tube so that air does not escape from the tyre. The cyclist uses a special glue to adhere the patch to the tyre. A carry case is essential for keeping all the tyre repair tools organised.

How to Buy a CO2 Inflator Kit on eBay

You can find a large selection of bicycle repair supplies and great deals on CO2 inflator kits on eBay. Perform a basic search to see which items and kits are available. Narrow down the listings by specifying your price range and sorting the list by price to find those that fit within your budget. Look for bundles that include several items for one low price. Many sellers offer used items and free shipping for those shoppers shopping on a budget. Before making a purchase, be sure to read the descriptions, look at the pictures, and review the seller's feedback rating. Whether you need a basic inflator kit or just a small kit for patching and plugging tyres, eBay offers a large selection to choose from.

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