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Justin's Computer FixIt Guide

How to solve some computers issues.

Computers theses days often break or have some issues with them at some stage during their lives. I have compiled a few tips for you to help you solve some issues and (hopefully) have a working computer again.

>>Dead as a dinosaur? 
>Have you checked that it's plugged in? Actually follow the power lead from the computer to the powerboard/powerpoint.
>Have you tried another power point/powerboard?
>Have you tried another powerlead?
>Is any blinking lights on the front or any noises?
>Leave it on charge for a wile(laptop)
>Leave it rest for an hour
If none of the above works the most likely outcome is dead power supply, if your a tech wis you can buy another and replace yourself. If not, take it to your local PC shop or IT friend.

>>Turns on(boots) but doesn't load to operating system
>Unplug printers, external hard drives, keyboards and mice an other accessories one by one. It could be one of those stopping it fromm booting
>Did you add more Memory(RAM) lately? try the old memory back in there(if you bought two and the computer had two try one of the old ones and one of the new ones)
>Did you buy and install a new internal hard drive? Try the old one.
>Did you install any recent updates or program? Try booting into safe mode, Safe Mode only loads the essentials in order to solve issues Safe Mode instructions) (Mac Safe Mode instructions)

...more to come soon!

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