Creating a useful picture by scanning or taking a photo

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How to create an effective picture to go on an eBay listing by using a photo or scanner

In this guide I will outline what is involved in creating a picture for a book or other item to put onto an eBay listing.  Many people use Gallery for their items, but the pictures that go with them are irrelevant and unclear.  I believe this is a complete waste of $0.59, which could be much better spent on other things.  Hopefully this guide will help you create a stylish, effective and clear picture.  I have given two different methods for creating a picture.

1.  The first is the most obvious - taking a photo with a digital camera.  The first thing you must do is get a background.  Usually this background is a white sheet.  Having a white background without any shadows is useful, because it doesn't distract from the relevant item, and it helps you see the details more easily.  When using a white sheet, the biggest thing you have to be careful about is shadows.  Shadows can distract, and make the item look darker.  The best way to avoid shadows is by putting the sheet carefully onto a flat surface, making sure there are no creases (which is not that difficult), and then taking the photo from above.  This is better than taking a picture of an item from directly in front because this means the sheet is draped over something, or hanging down from somewhere, therefore meaning it is a lot harder to control the way the sheet moves.  You do not have to make the background a white sheet, though.  Another white background is often a lot more effective, except white sheets are more readily available.  You don't even have to make the background white.  Many people have made an effective background by not using white.  A pattern or other colour can set your item apart from the others and make it stand out.  Some people use a particular background for all their items, and as soon as you see the background, you know it is from that seller.  The background has suit the colour of the item.  After you have done the background, you can place the relevant part of the item into the centre of where you will be taking the photo.  Before taking the photo, make sure there is appropriate lighting, so that there is not a bright light in the room that creates a big shiny spot on the item that prevents you from seeing the details.  Also make sure that the flash does not create the same problem.  After all this is ready, you can take the photo.

2.  It is best to use the second method if you want a very clear photo.  This method involves using a scanner (if you have one) to take a picture of the item and then editing it.  You can also use a photo, but scanning the item will make the details clearer.  Once you have taken a scan of the relevant part of your item you wish to sell, upload it to your computer.  Open the selected file to edit it using Microsoft Photo Editor, Paint, or some other similar program.  There should be a square (at least in Microsoft Photo Editor and Paint there is) located on the editing toolbar.  You can click on the square, and then drag a square over part of the picture.  You can then either move this part of the picture or delete it. Drag squares over the background, and each time create a white background by pressing delete or choosing cut from the menu.  Once you have done this, you can drag a square over the item and move it to the centre.  After this you can save and put onto your eBay listing. 

Thank-you very much for taking the time to read this guide.  I sincerely hope that it will help you create items that are more likely to be sold on eBay, the world's online marketplace.

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