DIY Brooch Bouquet

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DIY Brooch Bouquet

A DIY brooch bouquet is a great way to personalize any wedding. Bouquets and flower arrangements have been part of weddings for centuries, but the perishable nature of flowers make it difficult for many brides to really bring their own personal touch to their wedding bouquet. The invention of the brooch bouquet changed all that. As a DIY project, the brooch bouquet not only puts the bride in charge of her own bouquet but also allows for that personal touch, which is hard to achieve when someone else creates a flower arrangement. The best way to start is to stop looking for a florist and start looking for brooches to use to make a DIY brooch bouquet.

Benefits of a DIY Brooch Bouquet

There are more benefits to choosing a DIY brooch bouquet than just its appearance, although most brides appreciate that. The first benefit is that unlike flowers, there is no danger that the brooch bouquet might wilt during or after the wedding ceremony. In fact, most DIY brooch bouquets can last for years after the ceremony. Brooch bouquets are also easier on a bride's budget, as the brooches can be acquired over time, thus spreading out the overall purchase cost. Add in the personal factor of the bride being able to create her own wedding bouquet and the benefits become almost incalculable.

Making a DIY Brooch Bouquet

All it takes to make a DIY brooch bouquet is a few tools, some basic manual dexterity, brooches, some other supplies, and time. Before starting, it is a good idea to plan out the basic design and color palette of the brooch bouquet. In most cases, it is best to settle on a single metal or plating, such asgold or silver, and only a limited number of colors in order to ensure a cohesive look to the finished bouquet. Planning details out in advance makes for an easier project overall.

DIY Brooch Bouquet Tools and Supplies

One way to make sure any DIY project goes smoothly is to gather all the tools and supplies needed before starting. For a brooch bouquet, this means spending time looking for more than just the brooches. Brooches are the star of the wedding bouquet, but they need support.



Wire Cutters

Cutting wire stems to length

Needle Nose Pliers

General wire work

Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks

Affixing wire stems to brooches

Florist Wire

Making stems for brooches

Corsage Tape

Covering wire brooch stems

Artificial Flowers

Help space brooches properly

Ribbon and other decorations

Design and decoration


Core of the bouquet

The specifics of the ribbons and other decorative elements depend on the particular design. Most brooch bouquets use anywhere from 50 to 80 brooches depending on the size and complexity of the design. After gathering all the supplies and tools, the brooch bouquet itself can usually be assembled in an afternoon.

Making the Brooch Bouquet

Once the bride has her basic design figured out and her brooches collected, the final stage is to assemble the brooch bouquet. Even without a design, the fun of a DIY project is letting imagination and creativity take the reins of the project.

Adding Stems to Brooches

First, put the stems on the brooches. The basic idea behind the brooch bouquet involves using the brooches to replicate the blossoms in a flower bouquet, which is something they do very well. What they do not do, however, is provide a way to easily gather them together the way flowers do. This is where the florist wire comes in by providing a substitute stem for the brooch. The easiest way to attach the florist wire stem is to use the needle nose pliers to twist it to the back of the brooch, and then add a dab of hot glue to set it. Larger brooches may benefit from more than one wire. Once the stem is attached, wrap it with the corsage tape.

Assemble the Brooch Bouquet

After attaching the stems, it is time to start assembling the bouquet. Gather the flowers in a bunch and hold it in one hand, then insert the brooches into the bunch. The flowers act as a framework for the bouquet, with the individual flowers serving as spacers to keep the brooches from rubbing together. Work slowly and carefully, inserting the brooches one at a time. When placing the brooches, consider both appearance and sentimental value. Once all the brooches have been placed, use the corsage tape to bind everything together.

Add Other Decorations

The final step is to take the ribbons and other decorations and add them to the bouquet as desired. One option is to display the bouquet in a bag, while another is to structure it just like a flower bouquet and hold it in the hand.

How to Buy DIY Brooch Bouquet Supplies

The key to creating the perfect DIY brooch bouquet for your wedding lies in finding the right brooches, and there is no better place to do that than eBay. The site puts a huge variety of brooches at your fingertips, of every color and style imaginable. You can pick the stone, the metal, even the size, and find exactly the right brooches to match your personal wedding vision. You can also find the other necessary supplies on eBay as well. It combines the personal touch of dealing with individual sellers with global reach. A brooch bouquet is a perfect accessory for any wedding, and something that can hold memories forever. Choosing a DIY brooch bouquet makes that aspect of your wedding extra personal and unique.

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