Do you know ? Leather quality and grades.

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When leather goods carry the label, ‘genuine leather’, this usually means that the product is made from split grain leather. did buy some "genuine leather" items when we first started, because we thought - like almost everyone else - that "genuine” leather just means "real" leather!! It's real leather indeed, just not the best but the third best.

Let's talk about grades of leather. There are 3 primary grades of leather:
•    Grade A or “full-Grain” clear, supple, and clean, is consistent in color, has the highest yield of over 90% and the surface is smoothest.
•    Grade B is less consistent in color, has a yield of 78% and the surface is slightly imperfect.
•    Grade C is a blotchy and very inconsistent in color has a yield of 40% and the surface is very imperfect and will feel stiff, partly from the excessive coating needed to hide imperfections.
(These grades are standard no matter what type of animal the leather came from.)

Ok, now we know the different grades, and types of leather, how do we know we got the good stuff?
•    Check the items for overall color and craftsmanship. While all skins contain some natural marks, there should not be any large unsightly blemishes on the piece you are inspecting.
•    Next, use your nose. The leather belt should smell like leather, not chemicals.
•    And lastly, feel it. Is it soft to the touch, is it smooth. It should be free of any bumps and it should flex easily. It should not be stiff and hard to bend.
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