Don't buy from Zoza online

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Zoza online store has various information that in my opinion is very misleading. I bought a skirt and now i feel cheated. Their customer service is very low qaulity.

Take this statement for example: due to high demand overseas, prices are quoted in USD, but it is equivalent to Australian dollars. I thought this means that Australian customers will pay the price shown beside the item in AUD. However, when i went to check my credit card account i found that i was missing about $20 extra. So i guess they made me pay in USD.If they wanted all customers to pay in USD they should just say that and not include a misleading and ambiguous statement.

They don't provide information about delivery time or options like other places do. Not very happy with that.

Communication from that company is horrible, i emailed them about it and all i got was a curt and impolite one sentence. By the way don't bother trying calling, they never pick up.

I would not recommend buying from them ever. Next time i'm buying from Fashion Amour They give the required amount of information about delivery, they have currency options you can choose, so if your Australian you choose AUD and if you American you choose to purchase in USD.

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