Dropshipping and how to make it effective!!

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So you would like to make some extra cash without having the initial Outlay?
Dont want to have to organise couriers and Go to the Post Office?

If you answered yes to the above two questions well dropshipping is for you!

Many people have said that dropshipping is a waste of time and you lose money! Well they are wrong!

If you put dropshipping into a google search bar you will end up getting a whole heap of sites that require you to pay to see dropshippers! well i have been there and i have done that! and trust me it is a waste of your hard earned dollars.

Instead i use to focas my time on finding wholesalers or cheap traders that didnt mind trading with the general public (no harm in asking them, alot will do anything for money).

You will get your products cheaper and some have no problem with sending stock to the different people, you just have to find the right ones!

But the biggest thing that you have to remember is to do your research when you think that you have a item! here are a couple of tips -
1.   Dont sell low priced items, there is no money in them and once you pay your listing and final valuation fees, you profit will be zero or in the negative!
2.   Watch similar items on ebay for a couple days and check out the price that they go for, if you can make at least $30 profit and still be the cheapest, Go for it!
3.   Make sure the supplier is genuine, i recommend just buying a cheap first item from them and make sure you get it (of course use a friends name when buying they will know you are testing otherwise!

The general guide i go for is - if you can buy it $199 and they are selling on Ebay for $300 go for the $250 mark! that way after fees are paid you still have around a $35 profit per item, just remember that x that by 3 and you have $105 for just handling money and answering emails!

And last but not least! Always compare Postage Costs, you can find a great cheap item but you can sometimes lose the sale to a cheaper postage price to other sellers, I never add extra on to the postage price i get, this way you keep the price as low as can be and not to mention it is against the rules!!!

All have a wonderful Ebaying Day!
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