Extracting a Great Espresso

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The process of extracting espresso involves forcing pressurised hot water through finely ground fresh coffee. This extracts the oils, aromatics and flavour from the ground coffee.

The result is a great opaque, thick dark liquid, capped by a  golden dense  cream.

There are a number of requirements in this process

1.    Fresh filtered water 

2.    Freshly roasted quality coffee beans that have been stored appropriately

3.    Grind the beans and brew immediately 

4.    A good quality coffee machine (I use a Gaggia Classic at home)

5.     A consistent tamping of the coffee.

I use 14 grams of ground coffee Tamp to around 30 pound (13.5kg) pressure and extracted in 25 seconds to produce an excellent double shot.  

To achieve this takes a lot of practice and you can experiment with
The dosage of the grounds
The fineness of the grinds
The pressure used in tamping (30 pound)
The timing of the flow of espresso ( 25 to 30 seconds for a double shot - if under that  it maybe sour and over it maybe bitter)

One of the main indicators of a great espresso is the Crema

Real Crema sticks to the side of the cup and lingers right down to the last sip.
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Espresso flow is sometimes pale rather than dark
Any number of problems maybe the cause. Check the following
  •  consistency of the grind
  • accuracy of the dose
  • tamping technique
  • freshness of the beans
  • cleanliness of the machine and the pressure 
  • temperature setting of the machine.
It's a process of elimination to find the cause 
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May there be heaps of cream in your life
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May there be heaps of cream in your life
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