Fabrics and Patterns for Whats Underneath

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Several designer brands have made it their business to provide not only quality apparel but also good, stylish underwear to their male clientele. These men's underwear come in different fabrics and patterns.
Underwear has come a long way from the loincloths to the briefs and boxers that we know of today. From a piece of wool as a waistband and a strip of cloth merely covering what needs not to be seen, men's underwear is now manufactured using various fabrics with different patterns.
Who would have thought that cotton is only among the options now? Of course, 100% cotton briefs is still a popular choice among men, but with the offerings of nylon, spandex, polyester, and many others, we now have limitless choices of our preferred underwear.
100% cotton briefs are still the underwear of choice since cotton is comfortable and breezy. Aside from the normal cotton type known, there's also combed cotton. This type of fabric is a more processed version of cotton. As it undergoes a combing process, it becomes cleaner and more lustrous.
Egyptian cotton, another variation of the all-around fabric, is among the softest cloths available in the market. Egypt's extra-long staple cotton is exported to different countries for manufacturing of Egyptian cotton fabrics.
Next is the spandex. This type of fabric is often confused with Lycra and other brand names. (For future purposes, spandex is the common noun or generic name.) Spandex is a good material for men's underwear, especially if the user is athletic, since durable. It also prevents staining caused by excessive sweating. (Cotton shirts usually have these faults.) Since the fabric is light, it dries up easily.
There's also nylon. This type of fabric is strong and has elasticity. Italian nylon has the same characteristics as nylon. But since it also has some spandex, the fabric can be stretched a little bit more than the usual nylon.
When talking about patterns, there are the usual stripes and plaids, even paisley. For those who want it simple, there are also briefs in solid colors. However, men's underwear has been revolutionized what with bold, outrageous colors, cartoon characters, and statements.
Like the evolution of underwear itself, the coming up of new styles and designs is inevitable. Before, white briefs (olive green for the soldiers in World War II) were the only ones being sold. Now, goofy guys are all into the craze of getting men's underwear that provides them with a laugh or two.
If, however, you're still into the classic pieces, you can opt of the loud briefs. You can buy your underwear at the local mall. If you have some extra cash to spend, you can get Calvin Klein, Guess, and Ralph Lauren underwear for a sexier appeal to women of the world.
Thanks to modern times, we have good, quality underwear to support us (pun intended).

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