Fake Transcend 64GB SD Memory Cards SDXC class 10

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I am writing this guide to help anyone using eBay to be aware when buying any type of memory card, as it is a minefield of disaster for the inexperienced. Name brands are especially targeted for fakes, such as Sandisk, Kingston and Transcend.

Transcend is a Taiwanese manufacturer and offers a lifetime warranty on all their memory cards. I personally have several SD and CF cards and have found them reliable and never experienced any problems with the Transcend brand.

As a genuine rule, genuine 64GB SDXC cards sell for around $65 to $90 mark. If the card is selling for less than say $50, then suspect it is fake.

Don't be fooled, as some China eBay sellers show a listing photo of the genuine card and you need to ask them if card is genuine before you buy. Also ask about the warranty, as all Transcend cards have a lifetime warranty. If the seller does not advertise the memory card as "genuine", then stay away.

Recently, eBay sellers are showing a H2testw, that detects if the hardware is defective and it appears that the card is genuine, but the seller lists no read and write speeds, because the card may use a slower processor.  Also don't be fooled by the sellers 99% feedback, as most eBay buyers never format or check card initially and leave positive feedback too soon.

Never buy from a eBay seller that sells a memory card in a plastic case only. Name brand card manufacturers, only sell cards in a packaged blister pack or original box. 

To test, try to do a full format on memory card, or copy lots of videos to fill it to capacity (It won't if its fake). Also Google this free tool and it will tell you if card is genuine, called "H2testw 1.4".

Below, I have including images of a fake and genuine Transcend 64GB SDXC class 10 card.

How to tell fake from genuine cards?

1. Most Transcend fake cards have a white locking tab on left and not yellow as in genuine
2. The fake card is a slightly lighter blue colour and the genuine is a deeper brighter blue colour
3. Most noticeable, the top rainbow colours on the fake do not blend and are twice the image height
4. The up arrow, "S" (in SD) is smaller and sharper and more defined in the genuine card
5. The translucent bar going through 64GB is sharper with a more vivid line in the genuine
6. The speed rating symbol, is a circle in genuine, but more oval and blurry in fake

Hope this helps and good luck with your purchases.

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