Fake USB DRIVES From China/ HK

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BEWARE of Counterfeit/Fake oversized USB Flash Drives

There is so many of these drives now flooded on the ebay marketplace and i see many people still buying them being ripped off and scammed. In this guide i will name and shame the usernames and products that you should not trust and what theses fake/couterfeit drives look like.

Fake memory drives have cracked hardware that will display fake/oversize capacity when you connect it to your computer. It may appear you can load this capacity on the drive, but as soon as you go over its real capacity the files will become corrupted and read strange file names. Fake drives usually are stated as having samsung memory. Please check ALL negative feedback of sellers and if people report counterfeit/fake usb drives then don't buy from seller!

If you end up buying a fake drive use negative feedback against the seller and try to get a refund, I have tried this method when i was testing fake drives and it works most of the time.

How to tell if your USB drive is counterfeit or fake?

  • The drive will state 'false/oversize' capacity on your computer, but won't store the stated capacity.
  • Files that you try to read back from the drive will become corrupt and strange file names and temporary files will appear.
  • The fake will take very long write data to the drive, but the data is not actually been written.
  • The fake flash drives are usually shipped out from ASIA especially from China, Hong Kong, Korea or Singapore. Edit: There are now aussi sellers also importing and selling these, many do not relise that they are selling fake drives.
  • If your buying a large drive (say 16gb) and the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Send me an email or look down the bottom at fake drive pictures to verify if it is real or not.

Pictures Of Fake Drives:

List Of Sellers Selling These Drives:

  • shop_papa
  • wishtome2008
  • ahbokshop
  • sohospirit08
  • citiwide-online
  • fubuchulaidexing
  • shopwithmela
  • i.c_electronics
  • leadingstore
  • wellcome08
Please note: there are many more stores selling fake/counterfeit drives, these are just some of the ones that have been reported to me.
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