Feedback 2.0, how it affects WA and remote area sellers

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Hi there,

I just wanted to take some time explaining how the feedback 2.0 system has affected WA and remote area sellers in hopes that buyers will become aware of a few issues they may not have considered.

One of the options available to rate a seller on is the "Postage Time" option. Ebay have asked the question "How quickly did the seller post the item ?". Unfortuntely, I have found from reading through the community pages that this option is being taken by a lot of buyers as "How quickly did you receive the item" which greatly affects WA and remote area sellers.

As a seller in WA I will always post from WA and the majority of my buyers are from QLD, NSW and VIC. Due to the distance, packages will take longer than most when coming from WA. Buyers need to consider this fact and perhaps look at the postage stamp on the package to determine when the package was sent.

A good seller will always communicate with their buyer every step of the way from when payment is received to when the package is sent. It might be a good idea to keep any emails you may receive from the seller as to when your package was sent so you can refer back to it if necessary.

On average, a package being sent in WA and being delivered in the eastern states takes 7-10 days to arrive. As a seller in WA, I post every single day without delay so that the item will arrive as quickly as possible. Unfortuntely, WA sellers are still being judged by how quickly Australia Post delivers and not how quickly the item was sent .

I can only speak for myself here, but I will ALWAYS post within 24 hours of payment being received and believe that this is what I should be rated on.

I know through communicating with other WA sellers, the "Postage Times" option is a concern and something that we just have to live with and try and get the word out there as much as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide, I hope you have found it to be useful when using the feedback 2.0 system.

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