Front Load or Top Load Washing Machine?

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Front Loader or Top Loader?

It is always best to consider the amount of space you have available before considering a washing machine. The standard size for front load washing machines are generally 850(high) x 600(wide) x 600(deep) whilst there are no set standard sizes for top load washers.

Front loaders are known to use less water than Top loaders which means lower water bills if you're living in a house, townhouse or a villa.
Top Loaders can be more user-friendly for elderly persons or those who have back-problems as it's easier to access via the top lid.

In general, when considering a washing machine you should consider the following factors:
Capacity - sizes vary from 4kg to 10kg. For a family of 3 to 4 persons, a 7,5kg dryer would be most suitable but this all depends on the average wash load. It is ideal to have a larger washing machine of 8kg to 10kg if you have a family of 4 or more persons and plan to wash thicker clothes and blankets especially during winter.
Spin Speed - generally speaking, the faster the spin speed, the dryer the clothes come out of the washing machine. This will reduce the amount of time needed to run if using a dryer which ultimately leads to energy savings and thus money savings. Spin speeds can vary from 800rpm to 1800rpm depending on the type and model of the washer. You will find that washing machines offering faster spin speeds will usually be more expensive.
Programme Settings - it is always best to check the various features before purchasing a washer to ensure it has all the special types of washes you may require. These can include sensitive washes for woollen garments, quick wash, sensor wash, etc.
Water & Energy Efficiency Ratings - Always check the water and energy efficiency ratings which are mostly displayed on the washer itself in the form of stars. The more stars the better. On average, a kWh costs approximately $0.22 so simply times the number it estimates per year and times it by 0.22. This will give you the approximate operating cost of your new washing machine.
Ultimately it's best to decide on which type of washer you feel most comfortable using. If you're still not sure, talk to one of our helpful team member's who will be more than happy to guide you through. After all, buying a new TV can be a tough decision and we're here to help!

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