Getting Listed in Google

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One of the many mysteries of the universe is search engine optimisation!

    My best advice to you is read, read and read even more about this subject because just when you think you have it all worked out, 'they' go and move the goal posts!

    If it is important for you to be found in the search engines, it is important to get listed in Google first and then you will also begin to appear in Yahoo, Yahoo7, MSN, NineMSN and many other ones that draw from the Google engine. Many people believe that once you upload your website and search for it in Google, it will appear. If only it was that easy!
    Google likes sites:

    * that are larger in size - many pages with quality content applicable to the website itself
    * that offer a links page with at least 100 links exchanged [please swap links with me!]
    * are regularly updated - keep it 'fresh'
    * that link text to other pages within your website and to other websites
    * that do not hide text - text the same colour as the background
    * that do not use Flash as the index.htm page - it cannot read Flash but can read HTML code

      Web authoring tips for Google:

    * Menu and headings as HTML and NOT images
    * Use h1 etc for your headings
    * Always give ALT descriptions for your images
    * <Title> should contain your main keywords
    * Index page should describe your website using your keywords
    * The last line of text on your index page, Google often extracts so use your keywords in it
    * The Meta Tag description Google will use in its' results so make sure it contains keywords
    * The Meta Tag description should be written in a way to entice the surfer to click your listing

      You can also try getting to list you. Do not hold your breath as real people list you and often they will reject your website. It would be nice to know why, but that is not how DMOZ works.

    If you need hits quick, then sign up for Google Adwords and pay per click:  

    Until next time,

    Ideas Woman  

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