Getting the most of your Wahl Clippers

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- You must oil on a regular basis as part of your maintenance. Oiling is a quick and easy way to ensure better cutting performance and longer blade life.
- The top of your blade moves at high speeds, so it is important to ensure oil is present to stop both heat and wear.
- Simply turn on the clippers - apply 2-3 drops of the oil across the top of the moving blade using only Wahl Clipper Oil as it is designed specifically for your clipper.
- This process should be done prior to every haircut to give you the best performance from your clipper.


- The performance will vary with the actual voltage in your location so it is essential to tune your clipper to get optimal performance.
- Oil as above
- With Clipper running turn the power screw (large plastic screw on the side) Clockwise until you hear a "clattering" noise.
- Turn the screw anti-clockwise about 1/2 turn, until the "clattering" stops.
- Turn the clipper on and off a few times and make sure it does not clatter. If it continues then turn the screw a little further anti-clockwise.
- It should now be operating at maximum power for your location and should turn on with a "clunk" noise - this is a good indication that your clipper is properly tuned.


- Your blades should be removed periodically ( at least once per month) to allow cut hair to be cleaned out from under the blades.
- Simply use a Philips head screwdriver to undo the blade screws and then remove the blades.
- Remove the sponge and clean it plus any hair that is present or caught.
- Reverse this process to reattach the blades.


Wahl Clippers use adjustable blade alignment which needs to be reset after removing the blades or tuning your clipper. Sometimes it also necessary to align blades of new clippers if you find that hair is not being cut. Please follow the steps below and refer to the diagram below when needed:

- With the blade screws only semi tightened, you can move the bottom blade around to position it correctly as below: Move the taper lever upwards towards the lid of the clipper so the blades are in the closed position. i.e. closest cutting length.
- The top & bottom blades should be parallel with the top blade approx 0.8mm behind the bottom blade. (Do not have the top blade level with the bottom blade as this can cause skin pinching or cutting.) See diagram below.
- The extreme left hand tooth on the top blade should be positioned so it is over the gap between the two left hand teeth of the lower blade. i.e. the extreme left gap on the lower blade. See diagram below.
- Slowly tighten each screw ensuring you do not alter the alignment in the process. The best way is to tighten each screw a little at a time swapping from one to the other.
- Check your alignment setting with the blades tightened and the lever in the closed position to ensure you cannot cause pinching or cutting of the skin.

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