Guide To Using Advanced Search

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How To Use Advanced Search

Step 1

Click on Advanced search which is located at the top right of page. This will bring up the Advanced Search page.

From this pages you can define your search with option such as Item price, number of bids and locaton. Will explain all option later in the guide. 

Note- You do not have to complete all the options, The more options you complete the more refined your search will be.

Step 2

The first option is to enter your key word and select catergory, You can select to search All catergories. Also you can search just the heading of an item or heading and description. Also completed listing. For more infomation click on "General Search Tips" or "Advanced search Commands".

Then from the drop down many you can choose to search.

  • All of these word. So if you searched for Gummy Shark it would search for items with "Gummy" and "Shark".
  • Any of these Words. Again if you search for Gummy Shark it would search for items which had either "Gummy" or "Shark".
  • Exact Phase. Will Search For the phase "Gummy Shark" with minor alterations.
  • Extact Phase only. Will Search For Only "Gummy Shark".

Step 3

Exclude These Words.

If you would like to exclude any words from your search this is were you right.

Step 4

Item Price

Here you search for the price range that you would like spend. The minium amout you would spend and also the maxium you would like to spend.

Step 5

From Sellers

Here you can select to search from All seller, From up to 10 specific seller " To do this simple type in the sellers id's and between each id place a comma" you can also from the drop menu select to exclude selllers. The last option here lets you search your favorite sellers.

Step 6


Here you select Which country you would like to search from. Also were the item is located and avaliable to.

Items Near Me

Search for item within a km radius of your postcode/ zip code or nearest popular city. 

Step 7


Select which currency you would prefer. Such as US dollar, AUS dollar, Euro etc.

Step 8

Multiple Item Listings

To search items that have Multiple Listing.

Step 9

Show Only

This option allows you to select to search "buy it now" , "Items listed with paypal", "get it fast" , "New or used items" , "Best offer" and "Store inventory listings only". The last option in this step is how long the item has to go before it finishs.


Number of Bids

You can search for items which have a Min and Max amount of bids, So if you wanted to search for items which have had no bids you could type in 0 in the maxium .

Step 11

This section is how the results of you search going to be displayed.

The option is sort by, if you would like to have a lowest price first  you would search by "Price lowest first" so on and so forth.

View results. You can select to see Item numbers, Picture gallery or all items.

Then also hoe many results on each pages from 25 to 200 per page

Step 12

Click on Search

Thats It



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