Guide to Purchasing an Archery Bow

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Your Guide to Selecting an Archery Bow

Archery is an ancient sport with a long evolution into what it has become today. Used early in human history for survival and warfare, it became the elegant sport of the Renaissance aristocrat. Today, it is prized by hunters and sportsmen for its accuracy, speed and stealth. The most important piece of equipment is the bow, and there are a lot of variants. When shopping for Archery equipment on eBay being informed before making a purchase can ensure both personal satisfaction with and safe operation of the equipment.

Types of Bows

Recurve bows, originally used by horsemen, have a distinct shape where the central limbs of the bow curve inward towards the archer but the outer points curve outward. This design is a good buy for beginners because it is powerful and requires little strength to pull it back. A barebow recurve is usually recommended for an absolute beginner. A barebow is a recurve that only has an arrow rest, string and riser to help balance it. As the archer becomes more skilled, other accessories like stabilizers, sights, and pressure buttons can be found on eBay to add to it . Some of the best brands to look for when purchasing a recurve bow are Martin (either the Jaguar or the Saber models are good), the Ragim Wildcat Takedown Set, or the Samick Sage.
Compound bows are a relatively new in the world of archery. The first was produced in the 1960s. They are are constructed with wheels, levers and cams. This enables archers to handle a heavy draw weight and fire a very powerful bow with ease. It may be difficult for beginners to use them because they require a lot of arm strength to draw the bow. They are normally made with manufactured materials which makes them less prone to warping than bows made with natural materials. Some of the best brands to seek out when looking to purchase a new compound bow are: Bear Archery, Hoyt, Elite Archery, and Bowtech.
One of the oldest forms of the bow in existence, the longbow was first recorded as a weapon in 1298. A very simple design is one of the benefits of the long bow: it’s a slightly curved piece of wood that stands the same height as the archer. It usually doesn’t have an arrow rest or sights, which makes aiming a challenge. It’s a good intermediate bow that requires a lot of extra practice but once a beginner is ready to move forward it is a very rewarding weapon to master. Some brands to research further that are known for manufacturing some of the best long bows, are Tomahawk Longbows, and Northern Mist.
A wildly different design than the standard upright bow, the crossbow is a short bow attached vertically to what resembles the trigger area of a firearm. Crossbows are easy to draw since most are drawn with a hand crank. They are powerful but have a short firing range and are heavier than both longbows and recurve bows. Crossbows are commonly used for target shooting. Regulations on owning a crossbow are strict: anyone interested in purchasing one should familiarize themselves with their local ordinances concerning ownership prior to purchase.


Considerations When Purchasing A Bow

Draw Weight is the amount of weight it takes on the string to pull the bow back and hold it. For beginners the draw weight of the bows would be lower. As archers improve their arm strength they can also increase the draw weight and fire bows that are more powerful.
Draw Length is maximum length that the bow string can be pulled back prior to firing. Every person also has their own draw length based on the length of their arm. This is called the true draw length. When buying a bow, archers should buy a bow that has a draw length one inch less than an archers true draw length.
Bow Size should be gauged according to the true draw length of the user. Bow height ranges from around 48 inches to 72 inches. The shorter the draw length of the individual, the shorter the bow should be. Draw lengths normally start around 14 inches and can go to around 31 inches and beyond. Archers must be well-acquainted with their limits and understand these measurements. Without the measurements, the buyer assumes the risk of making a purchase that can result in an unusable bow or injury.


Buying an Archery Bow on eBay

Bows are not a one-size-fits-all purchase. Buyers should already know their height, arm strength, and the intended use of the bow. Most beginning archery enthusiasts should take a few preliminary lessons and do a lot of online research before buying their own bow. From the eBay home page, buyer can search under sports equipment, archery, then choose long bow, crossbow, or whatever type of bow interests them. Reputable sellers will always have the following criteria listed in product descriptions so that buyers will be able to match their measurements to the bow that fits them best.

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