Guide to Wake Rope and handles explained

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 Even the most high-end ski ropes have a bit of stretch in them.  You may be asking, "What does stretch have to do with wake ropes?"  The bottom line in wakeboard ropes is NO-STRETCH !  Please let me explain why we want no-stretch wake ropes in the two following scenarios:

You're cutting into the wake with a stretchy line.  The line grows 12  inches as you load it up on the cut in .  Popping off the wake, your board releases from the water and you start to spin a frontside 360 .  Just as you leave the water, the line decides it wants the 12 inches back that you 'stole' when you loaded up .  This jerk in the line pulls you forward off your rotation, and you smash the water nose first.  I can acutally feel it right now !!! NOT NICE !

 Now imagine the same situation, but with a Spectra ZERO-stretch line.  You're out in the flats eyein' up the frothy kicker.  As you press back on your heels loading the line, it stays the same length with all the leverage of your heel edge held against it.  When you pop off the wake the power in the line pulls you smoothly and consistently through the air. BEAUTIFUL !!!

To summarize- you want to ride with Spectra line.  You don't want to ride with stretchy line.  That's the here's the breakdown.

Note: Wake ropes range in length from 65'-80' and can be adjusted in 5' sections.  Handles add 5' to the length of the rope. You can also buy extra 5 foot add ons for those who want to be in the 100 club !


(Zero-stretch)- This is the line you need!  Spectra is a fiber that has virtually no stretch factor, it's smooth and consistent.

POLYETHYLENE or POLY-E (Low-stretch)- Ropes made of "Poly" have some stretch to them.  If it's Poly or no water time, by all means, get the Poly.  It's also cheap back up line to have in the boat.

TUBE & SKI  (Super-stretch) Remember the multicoloured ropes we have all used at sometime .... just say NO !


The two main differences in shapes of handles are the traditional triangle handle and the "wrapped handle".  Wrapped handles have a second small handle ( pistol grip ) several inches from the neck of the main handle which is used to help with spins.
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