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I Know Your first Thought Is!...Where Do I Start...That's All Too Daunting and Overwhelming a Task for Me...IS IT...NOT REALLY... sit quietly on your own for a few moments and picture in your mind how you would like a nursery to look...GOT IT!

Now then set about planning and implementing your vision.

Still seems all too difficult?

Here are a few helpful suggestions that can be used as starting points to get your creative juices flowing.


Just apply these hints into any order that best suits your needs and before you know it you'll have the nicest looking Nursery that you never thought possible. A nursery that other people wished that they had come up the same idea. HOW rewarding will that make you feel...GOOD UH!...

Lets jump straight into it and start preparing NOW!...  


By now you will have some idea of the type of theme you would like such as...

Do I paint all four walls the same colour or do I paint one wall as a feature wall and the other three the same colour.
Create your own design and don't be afraid to have one or two walls different colours.
If you decide to go with one feature wall then consider painting the other 3 walls using a neutral colour such as an Off White or into a light Cream to soft Lemon colour. You may even want to have some decorative themes pasted onto the wall or even onto the ceiling. Things like for a boys room, some of the favourite cartoon characters or even a Sky Blue Ceiling with a few clouds.
For a girls room again cartoon characters like "Little Princess" or "Dora" and so on. You could have a White ceiling with very light Lemon walls with Flowers pasted around. I'm sure by now you have the basis to create your own colour theme.

Finally you might want to put some borders around the walls that generates a flow on effect from the walls to the ceiling.


Think about some nice vibrant colours that feel warm and cozy for bubs while at the same time generate a pleasant atmosphere. If you don't know if its a boy or girl then go with neutral colours that will suit either sex.
If you do know the sex then choose colours to suit accordingly.
Visit your local Paint shop or Hardware Store. Talk with a store colour consultant for ideas, collect a variety of the colour charts that paint manufacturers make available in paint stores.
Take them home play around with them and eventually you will develop your very own colour scheme.


Just one last time before starting out to create your chosen theme. Reflect for a few moments...has my theme been based purely on my newborn or have I also allowed for the fact that it will also cater for bubs through to infant years.

After all the last thing you want is to have a nursery that will require a makeover within 12 months. Therefore its important in making sure that you get it right the first time and you'll eliminate any un-necessary makeovers.

After a few, days or weeks and with all that cursing and re-paints all that hard work has now been completed!...Take time out and celebrate the fruits of your hard labour... After all its your own real design and creation... Surely that must be worth celebrating don't you think!... 


YES...That's right its now time to start unpacking bubs Sleigh Cot - Mattress - Change Table with Change Pad - Tallboy.

By this stage you really will start to feel the excitement building up as every piece of furniture is unpacked and carefully put together.

Arrange the nursery so that the furniture is positioned in such a way that it looks part of the nursery yet in a practical position for easy use... ALL DONE!...

Use the bottom drawer of your sleigh cot to store the every day things...Singlet’s - wipes - nappies - jump suits and so on.

Use the change table to store... YES... another stock of nappies - powder - wipes - towels and extra bed clothes.

Store all bubs extra clothes in the Tallboy including that special outfit for going out.  

Try to position the Cot so that it gets sufficient natural light, yet can be darkened when bubs is asleep.  

We carry a great selection of Child and Baby Wear, furniture and bedroom products in our store. Take a look!


This is where you can let your imagination completely run wild...

Nursery décor covers the likes of - dimmable lamps - baby intercom monitoring system from the nursery to your bedroom - rugs - soft stuffed animals - toys - rattles - you will find that there are so many options available when it comes to décor - the list is endless.

Another tip that I feel is worthy of mention. Take some before and after photos of the nursery and upload them into a scrapbook along with other photos of bubs from being born through to school age. This is a terrific way of reliving the dream with friends or family all over again. There are a number of things that you can include such as... First outfit for going out - first pair of shoes - first steps - first smiles - first words and so on. You can add little pieces of script relating to the relative page... what a memento to keep for that special occasion.      


Safety in the nursery is so important something that should not be ignored...In a lot of instances so much focus is placed upon newborns that its so easy to loose sight that they don't stay inactive for all that very long.

As they start to grow so does their activity and so should your awareness of any looming dangers within their reach.  

Be pro-active not re-active by just taking a few simple precautionary steps to baby proof the nursery...Cover power outlets - secure door stoppers - move cot away from curtains - securely fasten cot drop side rail - remove any small objects as kids love putting things into their mouth - remove plastic bags or any object that may cause suffocation - baby locks on cupboards as their bones are still forming they are quite fragile and its very easy to pull something out resulting in a broken bone - cover all sharp points / edges and secure things that are unstable.

A number of these suggestions can be carried out prior to bubs arriving home. You can be slowly implemented other safety measures as your child becomes active.

What I would suggest as a good idea create a record all the dangerous points hi-lighted. Use the tick and flick process and keep adding to the list where necessary.

Remember one very important thing... once children become active they get really quick as well. If they have been quite for a short time do a check because as sure as fate they will be getting up to some mis-chief.       


Toys and Educational Books are great for learning as they help stimulate your child's development process.
Baby CD's and DVD's are another great inclusion as they help with visual and speech co-ordination. Children are quick learners so the more educational and interactive toys the better as this will help to increase their overall development.

You may consider including their very own small book shelf when decking out the nursery with baby furniture. Books left lying around on the floor and not stored correctly deteriorate very quickly.

One final hint... Toys left lying around are not only a hazard for bubs but also for every other member of the household. So why not invest in a huge plastic tub or box for toy storage...makes for tidying up much easier.   

We carry a great selection of Child and Baby Wear, furniture and bedroom products in our store. Take a look!

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