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I sometimes wander if anyone on ebay actually know how to bid ? A lot of people place bids when the item has about 9 days to go and thats when a lot of you people get out bid in the end. I have been keen to get a new phone off ebay for a cheap price but a lot of ebayers have made the prices sky rocket out of my budget ! The best advice to win for example a new iPhone at $700 or less is to place a bid at the last few mins/seconds of the auction. if everyone does that they could very well win a brand new no reserve iPhone 3G 16GB for about $400. If you bid early the only person you are going to make pay for it at a higher price is YOURSELF ! Remember, if you want something so bad, wait till the last few minutes. because if you don't you will stuff yourself up for your self. This bit of information goes to all big game bargain hunters on ebay. If your one of them, then treasure this guide more than the next purchase you will make with fantastic results guaranteed. How do I know this ? because it's exactly what i do to get cheap brand new stuff on ebay!
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