Honda Generator Selection - What size do i need......??

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Generator Selection
Selecting a Generator
To help you choose the generator that's right for your needs, we've put together 4 easy steps to follow.

Identify the products and tools you intend to operate with your generator
Determine the power requirement for each product (allow for the starting load)
Total up the wattage for the products which may be operated simultaneously.
Choose a generator with a rated output of at least your total, plus around 10% contingency.
Calculating Rated Power
Some appliances, like light globes, have a clearly marked wattage. However, most give the required number of watts (the 'rated power') on an attached compliance plate. In cases where the appliance only refers to required amps, simply convert to watts using the following formula:

Converting Amps To Watts
Multiply the amperage listed on the compliance plate by the voltage of the mains electrical system (240 volts). For example, a 5 amp appliance requires 1200 watts to run (5x240).

Start Up Power
In addition, appliances with electric motors such as drills, sanders, polishers and power saws, need an extra boost of watts at start up. This can be substantially higher than the operating figure printed on the compliance plate, and depends on the type of motor.

Split phase motors require 8-10 times their rated power for start up and capacitor motors need 4.5 times their rated power to start. The more common series motors need 1.5 times their rated power to start up. if you are unsure, always check with the appliance manufacturer.

Using Your Generator
Before connecting any appliance to a generator, you need to check the generator has enough capacity (watts) to both start the appliance up and keep it running at maximum level. This includes checking both the maximum and rated output.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Generator Store with any questions regarding selecting the right generator for your application.

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