How Look Younger and Save Hundreds To Boot!

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And Not Only That - You Will Increase Your Energy, Boost Metabolism, and Brain Function, Lose Weight, And Reduce Cholesterol!

The Truth About Absolute Organic Coconut Oil is Out

The truth is out and has been for some time now. Coconut oil has been responsible for assisting with all of this and even more.
The wonders of coconut oil and its ability to assist with everything from easing digestion and removing makeup all the way through to reducing hunger and sugar cravings are well documented.
My favourite personal experience with coconut oil is its wonderful moisturising benefits.  I am always being told I don’t look my age and put it down to my daily use of this nourishing oil.
I also regularly detox my body's largest eliminatory organ, the skin, with this amazing body scrub.


Combine equal parts of food grade bi carbonate of soda and triple filtered vodka to form a paste.
Store it in a jar that has a large enough opening to get your hand in.
Make sure your skin is wet and then put on some scrub gloves and scrub your body head to toe. Gently in some spots now!
Follow up with a complete body moisturise with Absolute Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
You will have your skin detoxed and glowing, sun protected and looking more and more youthful every day.
This process is so good when your skin finally rids itself of stored up toxins, you will even tan more easily!
Just follow this simple routine and I am positive you will have people telling you, you don’t look your age.
It doesn’t get any easier than that and you can save a fortune in spa treatments body and facial products.

How Does it Work

The medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s) in coconut oil are what makes it so special.
These molecules are so small they are able to permeate our cell membranes enabling this wonder oil to work its magic.
It doesn’t stop here of course. You can cook with this amazing oil as well!
This oil is so versatile you can use it in sweet or savoury dishes. Use it as a dairy substitute in all your baked goods. Add it to slices, bases, cakes, biscuits, smoothies, mayonnaise, popcorn, curries, chillies, soups, casseroles and more!
The bonus of purchasing Absolute Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is that you will be buying a naturally safe product that is free of all chemicals including pesticides and herbicides. Don’t even get us started on the noxious elements we consume every day when we don’t eat organic food and produce.

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