How To Bench Press Weights Properly to Build Muscle

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The Mistakes Made During Bench Press No One Knows About

If you’re aiming to build a maximum amount of muscle mass, doing the bench press is a must. This exercise is single handily one of the most important exercises that you could do to strengthen the chest muscle as well as the entire upper body.
Sadly though, many people go about this all wrong during their workout. Here are the biggest mistakes that you must make sure you avoid.

Forgetting To Breathe
First, make sure you breathe. Since you’re going to be hoisting a heavier amount of weight during this movement, you must make sure that you are letting air move in and out of the body otherwise you will experience a high build-up of pressure.
Breathe out during the pressing up and in during the lowering of the bar phase.

Arching Your Back
Second, avoid arching your back. Some people do this and it can place great strain on their lower back joints, leading to much pain down the road.
A slight arch is okay if it feels more comfortable, but one where you can easily fit two fists under your back is not.

Hyperextending The Elbows
Finally, watch that you aren’t hyperextending the elbows as you go about the exercise. This will really put your elbows at risk for significant pain and could even impact the shoulders as well. Keep them slightly bent as you move to the top of the exercise.

If you can ensure that you keep these quick tips in mind, you can stay injury free as you bench press. 

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