How To Get Maximum Benefit from Your Vibration Machine

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How To Get Maximum Benefit From Your Vibration Massage Machine

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To get maxmimum benefit from your workout and to know what to expect here is an extract from our manual.
Please note, this is a sample of the instructions we provice and is not the full list.

Before you start drink at least 300mls of fruit juice or sports drink about a half an hour before you start training.
Wear shoes with rubber soles
You always need to be well balanced when standing on the machine
Don't lean forward too much
Initially this can feel like a tough workout.
You may feel weird afer the workout. This will pass.
Don't do more than 15 minutes a day
Build up your speed over time.
Aim to train 3 times a week, rest a day between training.

What you eat makes a big difference to your results. Exercise helps to tone you up and make you look "smaller" because muscle is more compact than fat. What and how much you eat will help you lose fat. So if yo uwant to lose weight you will need to follow a healthy diet. We can help you with this if you are interested.

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