How To Recover Files From a Mini SD Card

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How To Recover Files From a Mini SD Card

Losing important files can be devastating. Mini SD cards are used with mobile devices and the loss of files stored on these cards can leave a person scrambling to find contact information for essential business connections. Applications that store progress or other data that cannot be easily recreated may also be found on mini SD cards. Fortunately, it is possible for people to recover files from a mini SD card.


About Mini SD Cards

Mini SD cards are very small cards that slide into a slot found on mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. These cards are used to supplement the internal storage capacity of a mobile device. It is common for information that may need to be transferred from one device to another to be stored on these cards. For example, most people have their mobile contacts stored on a mini SD card.

Mini SD cards may also be used to store applications that cannot fit on the mobile device itself. Multiple cards can be used if people want to save any data related to the app instead of having to delete the app to make room for other downloads.


Recovering Files From a Mini SD Card

It is possible for the data on a mini SD card to become corrupted or otherwise inaccessible. If this happens, steps will have to be taken to recover these files:

  1. Stop Using the Card - The most common reason for files to be lost is an accidental formatting. It is essential for users to avoid saving any more data to the card if they would like to recover the lost files.
  2. Connect the Card To a Computer - Desktop computers and laptops do not include slots for mini SD cards, but there are adapters available that are specifically made to allow these small cards to be read by a computer. Start by placing the mini SD card in the adapter. The metal portion of the card must be facing down. Ensure that the metal portion of the adapter is also facing down when it is placed in the computer.
  3. Use Recovery Software - Unfortunately, recovering files does require users to download software that is made for this purpose. Downloading anything online comes with risks, so it is important to research each option before completing the download. The most useful data recovery software packages are constantly changing, so conduct a search at the time that the recovery process is being completed. Avoid downloading malicious software by reading reviews before making a purchase. Software that is released by established companies is best.
  4. Follow Software Steps - Each software package has different steps that need to be completed in order for data to be recovered. Read through the included tutorial for the software. Take care not to miss any steps to avoid risking permanent data loss. Remember to keep new files off of the mini SD card when the recovery process is being completed. Be sure to select a different drive to save the recovery software as it can be easy to mistakenly save it to the SD card when the drive is already open.
  5. Avoid File Loss in the Future - Losing data is a painful reminder that backups should always be used. Many people forget that they should be backing up the information found on their mobile devices, but this data is just as important as the files stored on a computer.


Finding Mini SD Cards on eBay

While the instructions outlined above can be used to recover the files from a mini SD card, it is always good to have a backup on hand in case of an emergency. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide range of mini SD cards that can be used in mobile devices.

Start by clicking the Electronics tab under the search bar on the eBay homepage. Selecting a specific category allows results to be narrowed down for accuracy. Select Mobile Accessories on the left of the Electronics page. There is an option to narrow down this category even further by selecting Memory Cards on the left side of the page. Buyers can search for mini SD cards in this section to ensure that the cards will be compatible with their device.

As outlined above, card adapters allow mini SD cards to be read on a computer. People who need to go through the file recovery process can find card adapters from sellers on eBay. Start by accessing the Electronics tab. Search for SD card adapters in this category to browse through the selections offered by eBay sellers.

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