How do I register a store on ebay?

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How do I register a store on ebay?

Registering a store on eBay is as simple and easy a process as registering yourself as an individual is. You need to log on to the eBay website of your country and use your debit or credit card to register yourself. The entire process is explained to you and you are taken through each step that will enable you to complete your registration.

While you will need the name of your store and a valid email address to register your store on eBay, there are certain requirements that have to be met by people who want to register a store that do not apply to individuals. Thus, in order to complete your registration on eBay, make sure that you meet the following requirements:

- Decide which type of eBay store you are eligible to register. You have 3 main options to choose from, namely a basic eBay store, an anchor store, or a premium eBay store.
- If you want to simply try out the option of selling on eBay and are extremely new to this format of selling, you should register as a basic store. This is the most economical kind of store and also the easiest selling platform of all eBay stores.
- If you have a small business or even a medium sized store, then you will be eligible to register a Premium store on eBay.
- Only people who are planning to have a very large number of transactions on their eBay store are eligible for Anchor stores.

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