How to APPLY Mineral Make-up Foundation FLAWLESS FINISH

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How to Apply Mineral Make-up Foundation for a Flawless Finsh Every Time...

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Quality Natural Mineral Foundation contains no alcohol, perfume, dye or fillers and is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Professional products are also non-comedogenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

The information in this guide is based on the principles of application for Youngblood (YB) minerals, however you can apply it to any brand.

1. When using your moisturiser, make sure it has completely penetrated the skin before applying the mineral foundation. Prior to applying the minerals, lightly dust with a product such as Youngblood Rice Setting Powder to prime the face (this is particularly useful if you are prone to oily skin).

2. Remove the clear sticker off the foundation shaker top, turn the jar upside down, and tap a few times, which will dispense a controlled amount of foundation into the lid of the jar or onto a tissue. Then, using an applicator of your choice (we recommend the Kabuki brushes) apply makeup. In no time you’ll determine exactly how much you need.

3. For light to medium coverage, use less product, apply with a YB Large Kabuki. Also blending equal amounts of minerals to our Rice Setting Powder will give you lighter coverage.

4. For heavier coverage, use more product and apply with a YB Small Kabuki or the Ultimate Foundation Kabuki Brush.

In Summary “Swirl, Tap, Buff”

SWIRL: a small amount of the minerals in the lid with your brush until the entire product is tucked into the bristles. (Push down on your brush while swirling – it is designed to fit the area of the lid, and you will not harm the brush by doing this)

TAP: away excess minerals. The minerals should not be visible on the outside of the brush. Always tap your brush gently against the side of the lid with the bristles facing upwards to ensure the minerals fall inside the brush.

BUFF: the minerals onto the skin in a circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbone, swirling as you go. Buff around your face and then approach your forehead, cheeks and nose. Buff, buff, buff, until you are satisfied with the coverage. Less is more when applying the minerals – so if you want more coverage 1st try buffing a little firmer onto your skin, and if there still isn’t the coverage you want then add some more product.

Remember that Youngblood mineral make-up is a concealer, foundation, powder and sunscreen in the one product. Unlike a powder, mineral make-up is not drying as it contains NO TALC and rather then a dry look, it will give your skin a beautiful appearance of a moist glow.

Occasionally in some clients with oily skin it can appear that your skin is becoming a little oiler – especially if your skin has been accustomed to heavier make-up. Do not be concerned though, as this transition stage will soon pass and you should experience a lessening in oil production over time as the minerals help to normalise your skin.

In the interim you can always use the YB Rice Setting Powder to prime your skin and to give a light touch-up in the day if needed. With a little practice, you’ll soon fall in love with mineral make-up!

My name’s Kathy and I’m a professional in the health and beauty industry. Thanks for stopping by and reading my guide. For more information drop by my eBay store at and check out what quality mineral make-up should look like.


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