How to Aid Recovery in your Sleep

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Getting not just enough sleep, but the right type of sleep can help our bodies to recover from exercise
Daily exercise increases the amount of time we spend in our deep sleep state.
The deep sleep dominates the first third of our nights sleep and people engaging in high intensity workouts, can have up to three times the amount of deep sleep.
Since the growth hormone is facilitated by the neurophysiology of deep sleep it is important that you follow these simple guidelines.

1. Steer clear of stimulants near bed time, don't drink coffee late in the afternoon and avoid stressful situations in the evenings
3. Relax before you go to bed, with gentle stretching, a warm cup of sleepy tea or some light reading
3. Don't delay your bedtime, choose a suitable time to go to bed and stick to the same time each night
4. Avoid an arousing environment, try to sleep in a quiet dark room
5. Take a nap after a high intensity session, to maximising muscle recovery after training, the deep sleep time and growth hormone release can be optimised by doing this

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