How to Avoid Scams.

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Hello Everyone

I thought i'd make a guide dedicated guide of how to avoid bad ebayers. You know a lot of people come on ebay to have a good time, make a little money and buy some stuff that isn't around in your country. Yes a lot of people use ebay to have fun, but then you get these people who post up fake images of their dodgy products or completely lie about details. I'll give you an example of something that happened to me a week or so ago.

My Story

Well i've found a White Nintendo DS(PAL) that comes with a 16 GBA games free. Well if you know anything about handheld games and whatnot you'll know thats pretty good deal. So i order but it seems weird over $50 is dedicated to delivery! delivery is unlikely to ever cost that much unless your selling very big items like maybe a TV or something anyway. So i wait 9 days it's meant to be here in 10 days so i'm thinking wow bonus. Lets keep in mind this Nintendo DS is for my girlfriend's birthday so it would be really lame if it had arrived late, so when it's finally her birthday i'm all happy to see her open the presents i got her only to find out the Nintendo DS is really crap, just so were clear i know the difference between a DS Phat and DS Lite and i also have a Phat DS to compare. But this DS isn't what i wanted.


Nintendo Seal of Quality wasn't on the box(first big give away)

Seller advertised the DS as PAL when it's NTFS(It wont play any of my games now!)

The box was weird it has hong kong writing on it plus the 2 squares on the front of the box were pink which indicates the DS's color is pink(which it's White)

The DS itself is very poor quality the buttons don't properly work, the DS's screen doesn't click when you open it to show the screen is locked in place, the screen doesn't work properly it shows lines threw the top screen, the sound is really quiet and the mic doesn't work properly, the pen is really hard to pull out, the color of the DS looks like it's been poorly painted on, the buttons are all weird and don't make there proper noises to show they work fine, PLUS the seller even sent me a power converter!(nintendo never does this EVER)

As you can understand i was pretty annoyed with this so i write a complaint letter back to the seller and i get no reply, so i give the seller negative feedback saying the item is counterfeit which it is, so she(i'm assuming) gives me negative feedback saying bad ebayer, bad communication and she sent me a email saying why didn't i contact her first,(if you only sell/buy a few items it can lower your total selling record a lot) and i'm thinking, what the?! i did!. Then she has the nerve to say have i even tried it because she's sure i should be very satisfied with it. Meanwhiling reading it i'm like ARGGHHH! how can i point out all the flaws if i never tried it? so i filed a dispute with paypal and now they want me to send the item back even though it's counterfeit plus she lied and mislead me the buyer. So their really not doing anything about this so they said i "might" get a full refund. The Buyers aren't really very well protected at all unlike paypal claims. So your stuck with the fees of sending the dodgy item back. So here is a list of things to look out for when buying items.

If the postage is to much ask the seller whats the deal?(get a reasonable excuse)

Make sure the seller can speak reasonable english because if you need to send it back then you want the process to be painless as possible.

Ask the seller to describe what you get.

Try to buy within your country.

Read Their feedback first

I hope this helps anyone, happy ebaying everyone! :)

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