How to Bid Automatically

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Never miss out on an auction ever again!

So many times I have had customers say that they missed out on bidding on  a much loved item.

It seems that many eBay users believe that they need to wait and place a bid at the very last minute of the auction.

This is NOT the case!

Did you know that you can place a bid,  just the one time, and then forget all about it? 

For example, if you see something you like, that doesn't end until a few more days, you simply enter the MAXIMUM amount you're willing to pay. This amount is NOT seen by anybody - it is like a SECRET BID, and the item will still remain at the original price - unless someone has also placed a higher 'secret bid'.

For example, if you see an item for auction for $10, and you place the 'maximum amount you're willing to pay' of say $35, and no one else places a bid - you will still win the item for $10!

If there is another bidder on the scene, eBay will AUTOMATICALLY place bids on your behalf - only as much as necessary for you to remain the highest bidder - and only up to your maximum amount.

If someone else places a bid higher than your maximum amount, eBay will notify you via email - so that you can then decide if you wish to increase your maximum bid amount (just make sure that your 'communication preferences' are set to receive 'outbid' notifications). 

So next time you see a much loved item, simply place the maximum amount you're willing to pay - and then forget all about it!!


eBay's overview on this topic;

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