How to Bind a Book by Hand

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How to Bind a Book by Hand

Many individuals enjoy giving books as gifts or buying them simply to keep for their own use. Many individuals also like to do DIY projects at home. So, why not combine these two? There are several ways one can bind a book by hand. Two of the most popular methods include using adhesive and using thread. Both of these techniques are used by professionals who bind their own books and hold up well if the right materials are used. In terms of time that the books hold up, thread is usually the better choice, as adhesives will decay faster and leave the book unbound.


The Adhesive Method

If the individual seeking to bind a book by hand chooses the adhesive method, they should first gather all the equipment necessary to complete the task. This includes PVA glue, a paper weight, a medium-sized paint brush and headband tape. First, the individual should position a 1/2 to 1 cm portion of the pages hanging off their surface. This is where the spine will be. This measurement depends on the margin size of the papers used. Once the papers are positioned evenly, the weight should be added on top to avoid movement during the process of adding adhesive. Next, the individual should paint the spine area with adhesive, using the medium-sized paintbrush. They should be sure to add a generous amount of adhesive during the first coat. Once the first coat is applied, it should be left to dry for approximately one hour. Once dried, a second and third coat should be added for sturdiness in the same manner. After all the coats of adhesive have dried, the individual should then reinforce the spine with headband tape on the top and bottom of the spine.


The Thread Method

If the individual chooses to use the thread method, they should gather thick thread (approximately the thickness of dental floss), a heavy-duty needle and a small hole punch (only slightly bigger than the dental floss). The individual should begin this method by punching four to six holes in the spine area of the book, depending on the height of the pages. Next, they should then section off the book into small parts, depending on the thickness. They should then weave the first two sections together by going in the top hole, and out the second hold, in the third hole, out the fourth hole and so forth. Once these two sections are bound together, the third section should then be attached to the second section using this same stitching method. The next sections should be attached in this same way until all of the sections are bound together into one book.

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