How to Build Your Own Custom Chopper

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How to Build Your Own Custom Chopper

For buyers that are considering building their own custom chopper, one of the key considerations is the how to go about building it. A chopper is a fun and adventurous investment. There are three basic ways to go about building a personalised chopper motorcycle: modifying an existing motorcycle, building a brand new bike from scratch, and building a bike with salvaged materials. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, depending on what the consumers wants for features. Learning about the different options allows consumers to make an educated purchasing decision.


Modify an Existing Motorcycle

One of the least expensive ways to build a custom chopper is through modifying an existing motorcycle. By purchasing a used motorcycle, exchanging parts and revamping old, worn, parts consumers can have their very own custom chopper for a fraction of the price of a brand new one.
Find an inexpensive used motorcycle that has minimal design features and bike accessories. This allows the consumer to maintain the registration and licensing information without having to go through the entire process again. Take the motorcycle for a ride to get an idea of how comfortable it is and determine whether or not it is the right choice for chopper modification.
Modify original parts by utilising the original mounting brackets of the vehicle. Add motorcycle parts on and off the motorcycle as the budget allows. Typically, many consumers make adjustments to the handlebars, seat, and aesthetic features such as the tail pipes.

Modifying the Rolling Chassis

Purchasing a rolling chassis is a great way to build a custom chopper inexpensively. The average rolling chassis includes the frame, wheels, forks, handlebars, and clamps. It is the skeleton of a working motorcycle, and allows the consumer to completely customise the vehicle from the ground up. It is an ideal choice because the registration numbers belong to the frame of the vehicle, so there is no need to go through the registration process again.


Choose a Kit Bike

Building a new kit bike allows the consumer to combine the challenge of building a chopper on their own with the convenience of using one manufacturer for all of the major components. This is an option that many first time chopper builders love, because all of the parts fit seamlessly together, and many of the kits come with building support from the manufacturer.
Building a bike from a kit takes more time than modifying an existing motorcycle, and also requires much more space. Additionally, throughout the project the builder has the opportunity to customise the project as they go along. Parts and items contained within the kit are swappable for parts of the builders choosing.


Build a Chopper Using Salvaged Parts

Another choice for building a custom chopper is to build one usingsalvaged parts. This typically entails starting out with a specific part such as a gas tank and then building around the theme that the particular part provides. Seasoned mechanics typically use this method as it can take a very long time, and does require some skill to complete. Remember that many parts are not compatible with one another. Before attempting to build a chopper using salvaged parts, conduct some research on the compatibility of different styles, models, and brands.


Ways to Build Custom Choppers

The different way to build a custom chopper vary greatly. Consumers should choose the method they are comfortable with and evaluate the mechanical needs and tools necessary. Whether the consumer opts to modify an existing motorcycle, use a kit to make the bike, or build the bike from salvaged parts, these are all viable options. Once the consumer chooses a method to create a chopper, they may also upgrade parts and pieces later on to enhance their riding experience.


How to Buy Custom Chopper Parts on eBay

Building a custom chopper from the ground up ensures that the builder gets the exact bike that they want, and also receives the satisfaction of completing a large project. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a large selection of parts instrumental in the construction of a custom chopper including new motorcycle parts and custom chopper kits. With so many options available, buyers refine their search by seeking out specific parts or specific brands that manufacture parts by typing the name in the search box on any page. With proper planning, it is easy to find high-quality chopper parts.

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