How to Build a Bookcase Wall

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How to Build a Bookcase Wall

Books are like old friends, and parting with them is so hard. Book lovers can utilise bookcases in the home or office, which eases aesthetic and organisational issues at the same time. One solution is to collect a variety of individual bookshelf units that can fill quickly. Another work-intensive solution is to find and install bookcases that attach to the wall. A great do-it-yourself solution is to install an in-built bookcase wall with budget-friendly materials found on eBay.



This project requires cutting wood to size and basic electrical knowledge. If you do not have this knowledge, it is best to recruit someone who does.


Item and Size




12 mm

Cover back of bookcase

Additional piece width and depth of bookcase

Back of bookcase

Cover base box

Edge-glued side panels

30.5 cm square

Reach from floor to ceiling twice

Frame bookcase



All shelves


Oak facing

18 mm

Distance across front of shelves

Lip on shelves

Face framing

5 cm

Floor to ceiling twice minus 5 cm

Cover edges of shelf

Crown moulding

5 cm

Width plus depth of bookcase two times

Create bottom and top of case

MDF stock

5 cm

Width plus depth of bookcase

Trim top of bookcase


You need boards to create the baseboard. If you are removing studs from the wall, use these boards. Use scrap wood to hold the plywood in place and moulding to give the bookcase a finished look. Other supplies include wood stain, wood putty, primer, and pocket screws.



Read all instructions before beginning the project to understand each step. This helps to eliminate mistakes throughout the project.

Case Area

Outline the case area with a pencil. If electricity runs through the wall, disconnect the power to the house. Using a drywall saw, cut through the depth of the existing wall covering and drywall. Use a flat bar to remove any fasteners. Use an oscillating tool to slice through nails on the inside wall and remove the studs.

Back Wall

Use the removed studs to frame the bookcase, ensuring they are plumb. Relocate electrical lines if necessary. Install a sheet of 12mm-thick plywood using nail adhesive and drywall screws to the back wall. Install scrap lumber along the sides to ensure the plywood stays in place while drying.


Construct Base

Using screws and studs removed from the wall, create a rectangular box. Insert blocking boards inside the frame approximately every 46 cm, providing additional support. After removing the scrap lumber from the back wall, screw the box to the back plywood wall. Cover the top of the box with 12mm-thick plywood held in place with screws.


Create Side Panels

Cut and install edge-glued panels flush with the edge of toe-kick box, starting on top of the plywood. Use screws to attach to the side boards, ensuring they are plumb and square to the back wall. Putty and sand all fastener holes, then cover the entire frame with a coat of primer using a foam roller brush.


Make Shelves

Construct the shelves for the bookcase using the 18-mm plywood. Cut the plywood to the right length, but cut the planks 2 cm narrower than their finished width. Sand the shelves, stain them, and allow them to dry. Add a coat of polyurethane if desired. Cut the oak facing to fit the shelves and attach using wood glue and finishing nails.

Install Shelves

Install the first shelf on top of the toe-kick box using countersunk trim-head screws. Install additional shelves at equal distances, ensuring they are level. If desired, leave space at the top for larger items. Use clamps and supports to hold all shelves in place, and then screw the shelves in place using pocket screws.


Trim the Case

Cover the side panels with the vertical face frames, and then add toe-kick moulding to the outside of the toe-kick box. Cut and add a piece of plywood at the top of the case. Wrap the top of the case with pre-primed MDF stock mitred at the corners. Finish the top of the case with crown moulding.


How to Buy Bookcase Wall Supplies on eBay

Bookcase walls are a beautiful addition to your home and are easy to construct. The supplies that you need to build a bookcase wall are available on eBay. Just enter the item that you need for your wall bookcase into the search box on any eBay page. Read the many product descriptions carefully and consider those with easy shipping options. When purchasing larger items, you may prefer shopping with local sellers who agree to an in-person pickup. Read the seller's feedback and customer comments to assure a smooth transaction.

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