How to Build a Bookshelf

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How to Build a Bookshelf

Avid readers complain that they never have enough space for books. They often have hundreds of books stored in every nook and cranny of their homes. They often wish that they had beautiful shelving units in their homes so these books were more readily accessible. While there are many bookshelves available for purchase from various retailers, consider making your own to save money. You can make beautiful do-it-yourself bookshelves out of industrial pipe, old books, or even rope.


Basic Supplies

Having these supplies in one spot saves time when you are ready to start. Additionally, spending money on quality supplies ensures that they last a long time.

  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

It is always best to measure twice and cut once. In addition, predrilling holes helps ensure that projects come together smoothly. Taking these two simple precautions on every project helps ensure success.


Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

In order to construct an industrial pipe bookshelf, besides the basic supplies, you need two flanges that are 2.5 cm in diameter with wood screws, eight 30.5-cm-long pieces of threaded 2.5-cm diameter pipe, nine 90-degree pipe elbows, and two 12.7-cm long pieces of threaded 2.5-cm diameter pipe.
Start by finding a stud, then drill holes to attach the flange to the top of the wall over the stud. Screw the 12.7-cm threaded pipe into the flange. Attach an elbow pipe to the open end and add a 30.5-cm pipe. Continue rotating elbow joints and pipes until you have used all of them. The last pipe should end near the wall. Attach an elbow joint, and then attach a flange to the wall and the elbow joint.


Invisible Bookshelf

An invisible bookshelf is easy to make and nice to look at, as the books seem be suspended on the wall. Hide an L bracket inside an old hardcover book. Besides the basic supplies and an old hardcover book, you need a 2.2 by 10.2-cm L brace, flat-headed screws to match the bracket, wood glue, and a utility knife.


Measure the book's length from top to bottom. Open the book's back cover and find the halfway point. Lay the bracket on top of the remaining pages with the bracket facing up along the book's edge when the book is closed. Make sure to centre the bracket over the halfway point. Using a utility knife, cut a hole in enough pages that the bracket sits flush when the book closes.


Cut a notch in the book's front cover so the book can sit flush against the wall. Secure the bracket in place with wood screws, applying pressure to pages while drilling so they do not get away. Apply pressure to the bottom cover so that it stays closed. Place weight on the book and allow the glue to dry overnight.


Rope Bookshelf

Creating a rope bookshelf is an easy project you can complete with recycled wood and rope. Because you determine the unit's size, it fits in any space. This project comes together in a matter of minutes. In addition to the basic supplies, rope, and boards, all you need is masking tape.


Using the tape measure, decide how large of an area the bookshelf should cover. Add the width to the height, including the headspace. Add an additional 51 cm to this measurement. Cut two pieces of rope that long and wrap the ends of the rope with masking tape. Hold the two pieces of rope side by side, and then fold the rope in half to find the middle. Measure down 7.5 cm and tie an overhand knot at this point to create four rope ends.


Cut the boards the desired width and drill a hole 2.5 cm from each corner on every board. Using the rope above the knot, hang the rope from the wall. Place the first board into place and tie knots under the shelf in each corner to hold it in place. Continue adding shelves and tying knots until all the shelves are in place. Under the last shelf, tie an overhand knot. Cut below the knotted end to create a tassel.


How to Buy Supplies for Building a Bookshelf on eBay

There are so many different choices in bookshelves that it is often hard to decide which one works best for you. The best place to buy the supplies is on eBay, where you can find reputable sellers offering outstanding products. Get started by going to any eBay page and typing the supply you need into the conveniently located search box. Read product descriptions and seller feedback carefully. A new bookshelf can make a wonderful addition to your home. By building one yourself, you can save money in the process.

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