How to Build a Cork Memo Board

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How to Build a Cork Memo Board

Cork memo boards are excellent organisation centres that hold calendars, reminders, and photographs at home or in the office. The honeycomb-shaped surface of the cork is soft enough to hold a thumbtack, and it springs back into place so owners can add and remove items as they wish. Building a cork memo board is a simple project for those who want to customise their workspaces and use the item as a decorative touch in the room.


Gather supplies

To build a cork memo board, crafters need cork, a frame, paint, craft glue, and a cutting tool such as a sharp craft knife. Some crafters choose to cut a large piece of cork to a size that fits the frame, while others combine smaller pieces of cork such as discs or wine bottle stoppers to form the memo board's surface. Just make sure the cork is at least one-half centimetre thick so it holds pushpins securely without warping the surface of the cork.

Tips for choosing a frame

When looking for a picture frame for the cork board, crafters need to consider the size and shape of the frame as well as their personal decorating styles. A large frame that is at least 40 cm by 50 cm allows plenty of space for the board's surface so it holds enough photos and notes. Smaller frames also work, but some people must have several of these boards to ensure they have enough room to hold everything they need. Frames with intricate designs and detail add interest to the board that gives it a personalised look.


Paint the frame

After choosing the frame, crafters need to paint it. This gives the board a uniform appearance and disguises blemishes such as scratches and nicks. For a monochromatic look, paint the cork the same colour as the frame, or use a complementary colour to make the frame or cork stand out. Spray paint is an excellent option for this process because it dries quickly and smoothly, leaving no clumps around the frame's decorative details. Before painting, remove the glass from the frame and save it for another project. Then, in well-ventilated area, apply the paint in light layers and let the paint dry completely before attaching the cork.


Attach the cork

When working with a large piece of cork, use a sharp craft tool to cut the cork to the size of the frame. Take measurements from the inside of the frame so the cut cork easily slides inside. Apply a bead of glue to the inside of the frame, and then position the cork. While the glue dries, hold the cork in place by applying light pressure with fingers or clamps. If the frame has space to hold the original frame's backing, slide it back into place for additional support. When the glue dries, the board is ready for use.

Small pieces of cork or wine bottle stoppers need more support to hold them together. When working with these pieces, start by cutting a thin piece of plywood to fit the inside of the frame, and then slide it in place. Arrange the cork pieces to form a design or pattern, and then cut pieces as needed to make sure they fit within the frame. Then, attach the cork pieces to the board using craft glue; apply pressure with heavy books; and then wait for the glue to dry.


Caring for and using a cork memo board

Stains are not typically prevalent with cork boards that are out of reach of small hands, but they can happen. For minor stains, use a solution of water and gentle soap to revive the board's appearance. For serious stains, consider a pH neutral cleanser. After cleaning, simply rinse with water, and then dry using an absorbent cloth. Repeat if needed.

As for the tools used to hold items in place, bypass the basic pushpin and choose something a bit more creative, such as decorative earrings, or those that represent the next upcoming holiday.


How to buy cork boards on eBay

The sellers on eBay combine to offer a great source for the supplies you need to build your own custom cork boards. Sellers on the site offer everything from rolls and pieces of cork to vintage picture frames and craft tools. To find these items to make cork memo boards, enter their descriptions into the search box on any site page. As you look through the available listings, check individual pieces that catch your attention. This ensures that your new cork board is a work of art and an expression of your personal style.

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