How to Buy a Calculator with Wi-Fi Capabilities

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How to Buy a Calculator with Wi-Fi Capabilities

Calculators can be an essential device for use for all kinds of tasks, in the office and at home. Different types of calculator are also available for use which can be more suited to specific tasks and situations, for example complex graphing calculators and financial calculators which include facilities for working out interest rates, as well as those suited for simple arithmetic.

Calculators are also available featuring solar power, which can replace or supplement battery power. Calculators featuring Wi-Fi capabilities and other kinds of wireless calculator, meanwhile, can often be used to connect to other pieces of equipment. A wide range of calculators can be found on eBay.

Types of Calculator

There are a number of different types of calculator which can be used for different mathematical tasks. Some calculators may not offer the capabilities that are required for more advanced uses, while some may be too complicated for other applications.

Four Function Calculators

The four function calculator is the simplest type of calculator which is widely used.

· The four functions refer to addition, multiplication, division and subtraction.

· Four function calculators are among the cheapest kind of calculator, and a wide range of styles and designs are available.

· Four function calculators are used for all manner of mathematically simple needs. This can include budgeting at home, or for younger children to use in school.

· Many models of this type of calculator are available which are designed for children, and can feature aspects such as larger keys which are easier to use, and a durable design.

· Children's calculators may also be themed around popular characters from TV and film.

· As a child gets older, a four function calculator may not be powerful enough, and may be worth consulting with the school or teacher to determine what kind of calculator will be required.

Graphing Calculators

The graphing calculator is a more advanced kind of calculator, and will generally be needed only for higher level mathematics education, and in some professions.

· Functions available on this type of calculator expand from the basic four to include square roots, cubed roots, and radical numbers.

· Advanced models may also be able to perform multiple equations at the same time.

· This kind of calculator is also often programmable, and can offer a large amount of memory.

· A key characteristic of the graphing calculator is the large screen, and colour screen models are also available.

· These models often feature wireless connectivity, and can function as data loggers, storing information from an external device.

Scientific Calculators

Scientific calculators sit between graphing and four function calculators in terms of complexity and price.

· These calculators are often used in education, and feature more functions than four function calculators, though far less than graphing calculators.

· Due to the fewer functions than graphing calculators, scientific calculators are easier to use than graphing calculators.

· Scientific calculators are not often capable of storing previous calculations, and frequently have less memory than graphing calculators.

· These calculators will often be used by school students in lessons and exams.

Financial Calculators

Financial calculators are very specifically designed for use by professionals in the accounting and banking sectors, and may also often be used by students training for hose professions.

· Financial calculators are used for complex mathematical calculations which are done in Dollars, Euros, Pounds and other currencies.

· These often feature programmable keys, and the capacity to work with finance specific calculations such as interest rates.

· These are often more expensive than other types of calculator, and can often be very difficult to use for those who have not received some training.

Printing Calculators

Printing versions of every kind of calculator are available.

· These print each keystroke of the calculator onto a roll of paper, showing the working of an equation or problem clearly. An automatic feed is used to print out the numbers and symbols.

· These are useful for calculations which are very long and complex.

· This kind of calculator will have occasionally have to be restocked with paper roll in order to continue being able to print.

Wi-Fi Capable Calculators

· Wi-Fi enabled calculators of all types can be connected to a range of different external devices which can then feed data into the device. These devices can include thermometers, accelerometers and light meters.

· Graphing calculators are most frequently used for this purpose. Calculators with wireless connectivity can often also connect to a computer.

· Wireless connectivity in calculators is also sometimes harnessed in education allowing communication with the teacher.

Other Calculator Features

There are a wide range of other features which calculators can offer, making them useful for different needs and situations.

· Solar calculators are capable of using light to power the device, which can provide enough power for the device to function, or to supplement power from any included batteries

· Some calculators may also feature USB connectivity, which enables the device to connect to other devices with USB ports, including laptops and computers. Calculators designed for use with a computer may also include a software CD which will install any required programs onto the computer.

· Some calculators feature a built in folding lid. This means that a calculator has some protection when it is stored, for example in a school bag, which may be an important consideration for more expensive models. This can also prevent the calculator being accidentally switched on.

· Small versions, most often of four function calculators, are available in the form of key rings, offering easy access on the go.

· Simpler calculators can also be found which are built into rulers, combining two useful pieces of equipment into one item.

How to Buy a Calculator With Wi-Fi Capabilities on eBay

A wide range of different types of calculator offering a variety of features, including wireless capabilities, can be found on eBay.

· The listing of available calculators can be found in the Calculators section of the Electronics category.

· Calculators can be arranged by a range of different categories, including price, condition, brand and item location.

· Key information about a calculator, such as the type of calculator and any additional features, will often be prominently displayed in the item listing, making it easy to quickly see if an item meets any specific requirements.

· More detailed information about an item can be viewed on the item page¸ along with information about the seller such as item ratings and feedback reviews. This helps to ensure that a purchase can be made with confidence.

· If a specific calculator is required, making use of the search function may be easier and more effective. Searches can be made to return results from across the site, or from within a specified category.

· Look out for any deals which may be available in the Electronics section.


There are different kinds of calculator available for many different kinds of user. Simple, four function calculators can be useful for younger students as well as home use for tasks such as budgeting. Scientific calculators, meanwhile, are often useful for older students, while graphing calculators are the complex devices suitable for advanced mathematics and some professions. Wi-Fi calculators can often connect with other devices, to act as data loggers, and can also often communicate with a computer. A wide range of calculators and other electronic devices can be found on eBay.

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