How to Buy a Sheet Set on eBay

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How to Buy a Sheet Set on eBay

The average man or woman will spend over a quarter of their life in bed; it is an odd fact that is surprisingly true. This means that the bed someone climbs into every night needs to be at the height of comfort. When it comes to improving the comfort of a mattress, shoppers should understand the importance of using a quality bed sheet set.

This guide looks at bed sheet sets in general, what is currently available and how to purchase one online. When looking for great offers on all types of bedding, be sure to check out eBay’s specialist deals section.

Bed Size

In order to find an appropriate bed sheet set, one should know the type of bed they are shopping for. This means understanding its measurements and dimensions. The following are considered the common bed sizes, and are what shoppers are likely to find in any bedroom furniture store.
















California King



Thread Count

The thread count of a sheet set is what determines its quality. The number of threads per square inch is an indication of a sheets thread count. A rule of thumb is that the higher the number of threads, the better quality the bed sheet is.

Thread Count


Under 150

Considered to be the low-end form of bed sheet and provides passable quality at best.

Between 150 and 200

The typical bed sheet thread count and has a fairly rough feel.

Over 200

Anything over 200 is considered to be the highest quality bed sheet. Silky to the touch and easily the most comfortable.

Remember that the thread count can also have an effect on how the sheet is washed. Be aware that low thread count sheets, even though affordable, are susceptible to shrinking if washed incorrectly.


Bedding is a versatile area in terms of both comfort and appearance. What will play a large part in this versatility are the types of material available. Whether you are shopping on a budget or looking for a touch of luxury, there is sure to be a type of material to suit.




Prior to release, cotton sheets undertake a pre-packing cleaning process. This removes impurities from the product. The process also rids the sheet of short and frayed fibres, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.


The budgetary form of bed sheet and one that is not a popular choice among adults. Muslin has a low thread count and a rough texture. The perfect choice for a child’s bed sheet set.


Percale is a closely woven fabric that is smooth to the touch. Easily one of the finest fabrics available, yet thread counts of such sheets rarely ventures over 200.

Pime and Supima

High quality and always has a thread count that are at the upper end of the scale. Usually constructed out of longer than average fibres.

Egyptian Cotton

Luxurious, silky, smooth and highly durable. Ranks as the number one bed sheet set choice in terms of material. With a high thread count of over 200, it is hard to argue against using Egyptian cotton bed sheets.


Warm and perfect for the winter months, made of a wool blend and does not comply with the typical thread count system. It is measured by the amount of flannel per square yards and a high quality sheet will have four or more.


Known for being strong and durable, but are notoriously poor when it comes to breathability. They have the ability to simulate all the fabrics mentioned above along with suede and silk.

It is worth noting that all sheet materials will feel rough initially, but they’ll begin to feel more comfortable after a few washes and a quick ‘breaking in’ period. In order to avoid wrinkling and to keep the sheets looking as good as possible, dry them immediately following washing. Always store them appropriately and be sure to keep them folded when not in use.

Design and Pattern

The importance of the bed sheet is often understated, but the fact is they have been used in Australia for hundreds and hundreds of years. In years gone by white was the only colour available. However, times have changed and the design limits are now endless.

With a huge variety of colours and styles available on eBay, there is no shortage of combinations to choose from. The majority of bed sheet sets are of a solid, single colour, which provides a simple design. However, sometimes a pattern bed sheet is needed to fit in with a bedrooms décor. Those who need such will be sure to find a range of patterned sheets that have a subtle touch on eBay.


Fitted sheets are considered the premier choice for bedding, but there are a few things that shoppers should look out for. Loose fitting sheets can be hard to control, so try to find a set that has elasticity and preferably elasticised corners.

Pocket depth is another aspect to take into consideration, to find out the pocket depth measure from the highest point of the mattress to the bottom edge. Be sure to include the mattress pad and additional bedding into these measurements.

How to Buy a Bed Sheet Set on eBay

After figuring out what bed sheet set suits your home best, it will be time to buy one. With the advent of eBay, the actual shopping process takes no time at all. From the homepage, click on Home And Garden, and then select the Bedding sub-category. This will bring up all bed sheet set auction listings. Use the search modifiers (found on the left of the page) to narrow down the search results by size, style, colour or material.

Another efficient way to locate a bed sheet set is to use the keyword search function. For example, if you want a king size bed sheet set, simply search 'king size bed sheet set' and browse through the search results. It is advised that shoppers learn to use eBay’s search functions as effectively as possible. To do this they should head over to the Search Tips page in order to obtain more information.

If shoppers are having a tough time then they can always ask the seller questions about the item. They are always willing to provide extra information on a product and point the customer in the right direction. In the event that an item arrives in poor condition, eBay’s Buyer Protection Programme is at hand to make sure that shoppers are not left out of pocket.


The bed is the most important part of the home, as it is the one area that is fully designated for rest. Its daily use means that shoppers will want to ensure that their bed provides comfort and is a place of relaxation. The best way to ensure that this is the case is to own the correct bed sheet set. This guide has looked at all types of sizes and materials that shoppers are likely to come across.

eBay is a market leader in bedding. It is the one place where shoppers can find exactly what they’re after at the most affordable price.

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